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Active & Future Fighter Aircrafts - Around the World


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Nov 17, 2017
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They took fuselage from F35, engine nozzles from F22 and wings from B21 and Wala it's Tempest.

You must realize something, There is a limit to something totally of the books, due to limitations in tech there will be overlaps in designs.


Jan 14, 2020
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M-346 Light Fighter Family of Aircraft (LFFA) Performs First Flight in Complete Configuration

The prototype of the M-346 LFFA landing after the first flight at Venegono airport

The aircraft retains all its training features while being able to perform also a wide range of operational air-to-air and air-to-ground missions.
The new prototype of the Leonardo M-346 Light Fighter Family of Aircraft (LFFA) performed its first flight on July 13, 2020, from Venegono airport, where the company’s final assembly lines are based. The aircraft, formerly known as M-346 Fighter Attack (FA), is the first prototype in complete configuration, featuring all the equipment that differentiates it from the standard M-346 Advanced Jet Trainer (AJT).
The prototype, with serial CPX625, was captured by photographer Oscar Bernardi, who sent us the photos you can see here. The most visible differences from the standard AJT configuration are the two wingtip missile rails, that bring the total hardpoints to seven (two on the wingtips, four under the wings and one under the fuselage), a couple on new antennas on the nose (in front of the cockpit) and under the fuselage (under the both engines), and the Defensive Aid Sub System (DASS).
The DASS features a Radar Warning Receiver (RWR), probably the new SEER digital RWR developed by Leonardo with sensors in the tail and near the wing root’s leading edge (beside the air intakes), a Missile Warning System (MWS), with two sensors along the RWR ones beside the air intakes and two near the wing root’s trailing edge, together with chaff/flare dispensers.
The M-346 LFFA variant is designed to retain the full dual role capability of the AJT version, already in service with the Italian, Israeli, Polish and Singapore Air Forces, while incorporating also some new features like a tactical data link, Grifo-346 mechanical scan, multi-mode radar, new secure radios and IFF system (Identification Friend or Foe), and a stronger airframe.
The M-346 LFFA prototype performing a fly-by at Venegono airport.