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Antonov looks to Poland for aircraft Westernisation, MPAs


Dec 5, 2014
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Charles Forrester, London - IHS Jane's Defence Industry
04 June 2015


A concept model of the Antonov An-148 300 MPA aircraft, which Antonov is now looking to develop with Polish industry. Source: Paul Jackson

Key Points
  • Antonov is seeking to establish links with Polish industry to improve its aircraft equipment and marketability.
  • The negotiations come as Ukraine seeks to increase collaboration with Western companies to improve its technical capability and product quality.
Ukrainian aircraft producer Antonov Bureau announced on 4 June that it had engaged in a forum with Polish industry in a bid to bring its aircraft up to Western standards.

Antonov is looking to focus on developing, with Polish help, the Antonov An-148, An-158, and An-178 regional aircraft, which are in operation with a number of commercial airlines and governments worldwide. The collaboration with Polish companies will help to bring Antonov's products in line with Western standards and integrate Western equipment onto its aircraft.

The company also discussed with the Polish companies the possibility of creating a consortium that would bring Polish firms to work with Antonov on developing special variants of the company's aircraft using Polish and Western equipment.

The consortium will also look to develop Antonov's maritime patrol aircraft (MPA), the An-148-300 MPA, which is based on the An-148 regional passenger airliner.

According to Antonov, the new consortium aims to propose the An-148-300 MPA to the Polish and Ukrainian militaries.

Antonov officials have previously told IHS Jane's that the MPA's development is intended to secure an initial order from the Ukrainian military, with the Gulf and Asian markets targeted for potential exports of the aircraft. However, since the outbreak of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the country's defence procurement has largely centred on land equipment and improving support for ground forces.
Antonov looks to Poland for aircraft Westernisation, MPAs - IHS Jane's 360