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ARES Fire Suppression Systems


Feb 7, 2019
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ARES Fire Suppression Systems are able to suppress explosions. Extinguish Molotov cocktails. and put out tire fires instantly when the vehicle is under threat.

All ARES System solutions are able to suppress explosions caused by RPG's(RPG 6, RPG 7, etc.), other anti tank missiles (ATM) or any other type of heavy armor piercing ammunitions. ARES Automatic
Fire Suppression Systems that operate 24/7 with smart logic control to provide the fastest and most reliable protection to threats. Ares explosion suppression systems include control units, pyrotechnic cylinders and detectors. In pyrotechnic cylinders; Fm200 gases, HFC 227 EA gas and HFC 236 FA . In horizontal cylinders ; AFFF(Aqueous Film-Forming Foam) liquid fire extinguishers. In addition aerosol type extinguishers are used.The concentration of HFC 227 EA and gas in pyrotechnic cylinders is always analyzed to ensure the fastest fire extinguishing time without damaging people. Ares Fire Suppression Systems A, B, C, E type fires has the ability to extinguish.

The UV-IR optical detectors are able to detect fires under 3(three) milliseconds and ARES controllers can activate the cylinders under 6(six) milliseconds.This allows for the total fire suppression time to be 250(two hundred and fifty) milliseconds.

Triple infrared (IR3), UV-IR Optical Detector,Flame Detector,Heat Sensor and Spot Heat Detector models for Ex hazardous areas and safe area compact Mini designs.

Detecting the occurrence of the fire at its incipient stage, when size and energy emitted by it are small enough to be controlled by suppression, is a critical factor in automatic fire protection systems. Optical sensor is the quickest means to identify a fire. UV/IR combination provides greater sensitivity and higher speed of response while providing a high immunity to false alarms.

Nero Industry products EMI/EMC standards compatible and has MIL-STD-461F and MIL-STD-810G certificates.

Ares Fire Extinguishing Systems are applied to Armored Vehicle’s ,Light Tactical Vehicle’s, Mine Protected Vehicle’s(MRAP), Main Battle Tank’s(MBT), Special Purpose Vehicle’s , Infantry Fighting Vehicle’s(IFV), Tactical Armor Vehicle’s, Tank’s, Tracked Armored Vehicle’s and Military Fortification Vehicle’s.

Nero Industry Fire extinguishing systems can be applied to the vehicle's compartments; Body compartment, Crew compartment, Engine compartment, Tire and Fuel Tank compartment etc.

At Nero lndustries we always put human safety top priority. The gas concentration level and speed of gas dispersion and location of cylinders are always analyzed to ensure the fastest fire suppression time with no harm to humans. ARES Fire Suppression Systems is certified with SIL Level 3. which is one of the highest safety level in the vehicle fire suppression market.