Army doctor pervert taught weird classes for years | World Defense

Army doctor pervert taught weird classes for years


Jun 23, 2015
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New Zealand
Military school knew of doctor John Henry Hagmann&[HASHTAG]#8217[/HASHTAG];s macabre ways for decades | The Financial Express

"...records reviewed by Reuters, including the university’s own investigation, show that school officials had known of John Henry Hagmann’s teaching methods for more than 20 years. The records also show that three faculty members sat in on Hagmann’s course in 2012 but did not alert their superiors, despite witnessing practices that the school has since banned. One former dean even pushed to have Hagmann court-martialed in 1993 over similar allegations, records show."

It seems like the military struggles with 'turning people in' whether it be for racial bullying, sexual assault or bizarre medical "training" that involves rectal exams and penis nerve block.

Or is this essentially the same as the kind of abuse that seems to spring up in every large institution from orphanages and schools to churches and psychiatric hospitals. Wherever there are people gathered together, creeps will find a way to use them?

Exclusive: Doctor who trained U.S. troops suspended for macabre techniques - Yahoo News

"During a July 2013 course in North Carolina, authorities say, participants were provided eight shots of rum in 10 minutes. About an hour later, they were allegedly injected with ketamine. Officials allege that one intoxicated participant received a penile nerve block, a type of anesthesia. When other students stepped in to prevent a second intoxicated student from receiving the procedure, the report says, Hagmann volunteered himself, and students performed a penile nerve block on him.

"I have been working in trauma centers for 30 years and I have never done a penile nerve block," said Dr. Mark Brown, an emergency room physician in Lancaster, California. "And why would you ever mix alcohol and drugs? It's very puzzling.”"

Army Doctor Tortured Pigs, Simulated Date Rape For 'Experiments'

There, the report claims, the two “continued to consume beer” and Hagmann asked the student “about the effect (the student’s) uncircumcised penis had on masturbation and sexual intercourse.” The student told investigators “that he was inebriated and felt that he could not refuse Dr. Hagmann’s request … to examine, manipulate and photograph his penis.”