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Australian soldiers start receiving new protective and load-carrying gear


Dec 5, 2014
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Australian soldiers start receiving new protective and load-carrying gear
Soldiers from Australian Army's 1st Brigade are the first to receive the new generation of body armour, helmets, load carriage equipment, eye and hearing protection and field packs. The equipment has been acquired by the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group’s Land Systems Division as part of the LAND 125 Phase 3B project for the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Australian Defence Force's new Soldier Combat Ensemble (SCE)

Over the next three years, 21,000 sets of leading-edge, high-quality, tailored Soldier Combat Ensemble (SCE) will be delivered to Army’s combat brigades, support brigades, 2nd Division reinforcing battlegroups, special forces and selected Air Force and Navy units.

The SCE integrates five separate elements designed to optimise individual soldier protection and mobility: load carriage equipment – including harnesses, pouches and a range of packs, body armour, combat helmets, combat hearing protection, and ballistic/laser eye protection.

The quality of the SCE is standardised, with 3 tiers of SCE tailored to the role of the combatant. Each tier is designed to equip a combatant based on their primary task and likelihood of threat they will face, ensuring the optimal balance between protection and mobility.

Tier 2 Dismounted – A configuration for combatants who regularly engage in close combat as part of a dismounted combined arms team, including infantry, joint fires teams, combat engineers, select signallers and other common attachments to dismounted combined arms teams.

Tier 2 Mounted – A configuration for combatants who operate armoured fighting vehicles as part of a combined arms team.

Tier 3 – A configuration for general combatants whose roles and tasks are primarily focused on providing combat support and combat service support to combined arms teams, including all corps not included in the Tier 2 definitions.

Tier 0 Heavy – A basic load carriage configuration issued to Tier 2 and Tier 3 combatants that will modernise the in-service belt rig.

This roll out of the new generation SCE is the next step in Land Systems Division’s program to continuously improve combat protection for the ADF.

Since 2011 Project Land 125 Phase 3B and Diggerworks have spearheaded the adaptive development of the SCE through a combination of soldier feedback, trials and the review of RODUMs (Report On Defective or Unsatisfactory Materiel),” said Colonel (COL) Mark Jennings, Director Diggerworks.

The roll-out to 1st Brigade commenced in May this year, while 3rd Brigade will receive their issue next year and 7th Brigade in 2017. Forces Command’s support brigades and 2nd Division reinforcing battlegroups will receive quantities of the SCE throughout the three-year rollout. The rollout will be supported by training teams, training packages and the logistics system on an enduring basis.

Diggerworks will continue to liaise with the soldiers, units and formations issued the latest SCE to verify its form, fit and function, and to identify future enhancements,” COL Jennings said.
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