AutoKrAZ of Ukraine has developed first prototype of new 8x8 multi-purpose armoured vehicle


Nov 27, 2014
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AutoKrAZ of Ukraine has developed first prototype of new 8x8 multi-purpose armoured vehicle.

The Ukrainian Defense Company AutoKrAZ has developed the first prototype of a new 8x8 multi-purpose armoured vehicle based on an 8x8 truck chassis. This new vehicle is designed to be used as APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) an can carry a full range of special equipment and weapon systems.


New Ukrainian-made AutoKrAZ 8x8 armoured personnel carrier

The new AutoKrAZ 8x8 armoured truck features a typical layout with a short armoured crew cabin at the front with the engine manufactured by the Company AutoKrAZ in the city of Kremenchug.

According the Chief Designer Engineer Sergei Vasicek of AutoKrAZ, the first prototype of the new 8x8 modular combat vehicle could be presented to the Ukranian Ministry of Defense in the first half of 2015.

The layout of the new AutoKrAZ 8x8 armoured is based on a standard truck but with a new chassis. The crew cabin is located at the front with the engine compartment at the rear which is fitted with a turbocharged diesel engine YAMZ-7511.10.

The rear part of the vehicle is fitted with an armour shelter which provides protection against firing of small arms and shell splinters. Each side of the shelter is equipped with six small bullet proof windows and firing ports.

The new chassis can be fitted with various modules to be configured for different roles including as armoured personnel carrier, troop transport, command post, ambulance, anti-tank missile system, anti-aircraft missile system, mortar vehicle and more.

The new chassis has been designed to offer a new family of armoured vehicle able to carry a full range of military equipment and weapon systems. With this new vehicle, AutoKrAZ will provide a single unified platform for to the Ukrainian armed forces.

According the first technical information provided by AutoKrAZ, the new Ukrainian 8x8 APC is similar to the Russian Typhoon APC based on Ural and Kamaz trucks.