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Baltic States: information madness about war in Ukraine


Nov 25, 2019
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Escalation of tensions between Russia and West over anticipated invasion of Ukraine has reached the highest level. Huge amounts of weapons and military vehicles were transferred by the U.S. and its allies to Ukraine. These steps were made after Russia and Belarus announced conducting joint military drills Allied Resolve 2022. This exercise caused fears and panic that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine by using its troops deployed in Belarus for military exercise.

At first glance it seems as if fear that all deployed troops would stay in Belarus fallowed by an adequate response. Western countries have said those drills could be used as cover to prepare for an attack on Ukraine. Though Russia has said the troops will return to base once the exercises have concluded. Thus, the Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov accused the west of manufacturing “manic information madness”. “We’ve always said the troops will return to their bases after the exercises are over.

World media was not accurate with expressing their anticipations either . Accusing Russia, word by word journalists and experts have been bringing war closer.


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