Beautiful post by my friend written to his former comrades. | World Defense

Beautiful post by my friend written to his former comrades.


Sep 4, 2019
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This message is for all of us. Everyone of us have some friend or family member that we have not talked or connected in a while. Please read and ponder if we are the ones not letting things go or take the first step of reconciliation .

There is no guarantee in life who will go first . Young or old but I feel either group doesn’t pay enough attention to the ultimate cruelty of life..... that it ends without any warning.

Then it’s too late to say I wish I had called him or I wish I had stayed in touch.

What is the point of showing up at the funeral then?

I have my own family members that I don’t talk to. Sometimes it’s not us but the others that need to see the light. If we are reaching out to them it’s not because we have surrendered or have some ulterior motive. It may be because we have decided that enough is enough and life is too unforgiving to stay disconnected and not face the ultimate shock of loss some day.

My friend’s message to his old friends . They are from the batch of 1966 I think:

Message To My 52 LC Course mate
My Dear Brothers of 52nd Long Course, most recently and especially after the COVID 19, I am acutely realizing that we the once boisterous soldiers and extremely zealous young men are heading toward DUSK and slowly fading away into the sunset of our life. Each day we are hearing more and more news of death and departure of our near and dear one. Already we have a list of our “Roll of Honour” that appears to be increasing quickly. Now that most of us have been put to pastures with others to follow suit, the survivors too are carrying a lot of emotional and physical scars as a testimony to a life lived with velour and perseverance. Our scars are increasing and our frames getting more frail to carry the burden, while putting up a brave face our hearts are yearning for soothing comrades.
This is the time we need to be nearer to each other and comfort and solace and encourage brothers, but our self-created differences of social, geographic, religious, political and many other similar self-created demi gods are becoming a hurdle and obstacle. The choice is simple and clear!
Are we willing to demolish our demi gods to reach out to each other? Or Are our demi gods more precious to us than our brothers? The ball is in our courts, yes in each and everyone’s court! We need to set our priorities and select the future course; Yes, sir Time to Decide Is Now.