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BvS10 Beowulf all-terrain tracked vehicle


Dec 5, 2014
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The BvS10 Beowulf is the latest generation of All-Terrain tracked vehicle designed and manufactured by BAE Systems Hägglunds. The vehicle was unveiled for the first time to the public during the the defense exhibition DSEI in September 2015. The BvS10 Beowulf is offer as potential replacement of the older Bv 206, the first Al-Terrain tracked vehicle by Hägglunds (now part of BAE Systems Global Combat Systems) for the Swedish Army. According to BAE Systems representative, the first potential customer could be be the British Royal Marines, which operates a fleet of older Bv 206 all-terrain vehicles for a wide range of combat missions. The BvS10 Beowulf base configuration is a new unprotected platform combining the best of Bv206, Bv206S and BvS10 and is configurable and ready for future growth. The BvS10 Beowulf offers excellent strategic and tactical mobility for worldwide operations. It can also be transported over longer distance by sea and air.


Technical Data


The BvS10 Beowulf shown at DSEI 2015 was no armed but we believe that the vehicle can be fitted with ring mount weapon station or a remote weapon station armed with 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun in case of military applications.

Design and protection
The layout of the BvS10 Beowulf is very similar to the BvS10 but the front vehicle is fitted with large unarmoured windscreen. The BvS10 Beowulf consists of two units coupled together by a special articulation mechanism as the BvS10 and the BV206S. Each side of the front vehicle is fitted with two doors including large windows in the upper part. The BvS10 Beowulf consists of two tracked units linked by an ingenious steering mechanism. The front and rear units are articulated in relation to each other, horizontally for steering and vertically for following the contours of the terrain. There is four individual seats for the front unit and one single hatch is mounted on the roof of each unit. The rear unit can be used as cargo carrier or to transport individual personnel. This unit is equipped with a single door at the rear side. The BvS10 Beowulf has a weight of 8,000 kg and a maximum gross vehicle weight of 15,000 kg. The front unit has a load capacity of 3 tones, while the rear unit has a capacity of up to 5 tones able to carry personnel, cargo supplies or humanitarian aid equipment. The BvS10 Beowulf offers a high level of flexibility with easily exchangeable rear unit. This allows for reconfiguring the vehicle to meet the needs of specific mission. The spacious interior allows for easy installation of inter-changeable equipment via C-rail system in order to prepare it for the most demanding operations.

The BvS10 Beowulf uses the same chassis and running gear as the BvS10. The vehicle is motorized with a Cummins 6.7l inline 6 cylinders engine developing 285 hp coupled to an Allison automatic transmission with 6 forward speeds and 1 reverse. The BvS10 Beowulf can run at a maximum speed of 70 km/h with a maximum cruising range from 400 to 1,000 km. It can climb a gradient of 45% and can cross a trench of 2m. The articulated steering and drive system provides the highest maneuverability and mobility over obstacles, reducing risk of mission failure through becoming bogged down. The suspension of the front unit consists of six rubber-tyred road-wheels with the last acting as the idler, drive sprocket at front and return device. The rear unit has six road-wheels on each side with the last of these acting as the idler, drive sprocket at the front and track-return device.

The BvS10 Beowulf is fully amphibious, being propelled in the water by its rubber band tracks at a maximum speed of 4km/h. The vehicle uses an unrivalled design for the track system allows for movement over unstable and soft terrain through its extremely low ground pressure.


Can be armed for mailitary applications with 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun.
Country users
Designer Country

United Kingdom
Amphibious, track system for unstable and soft terrain.
Front cabin 2 to 4
No armour protection
15,500 kg maximum
70 km/h
400 to 1,000 km
Length: 8.0 m; Width: 2.2 m; Height: 2.5 m






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