Canada to get Type 26 sub hunter


Nov 27, 2014
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The Canadian government announced mid-October that a team led by Lockheed Martin Canada had been selected as the “preferred designer.” That team was offering up British defense firm BAE Systems’ Type 26 design.

A rendering of the Canadian Type 26, on track to win Canada's frigate competition.

But the Arctic nation’s selection of a ship that is a purpose-built sub hunter could be a sign that it is willing to accept those risks because of the strategic threat Russia poses to Canada’s interests at the rapidly thawing top of the world.

“For the Canadians, anti-submarine warfare is a big deal,” said Bryan Clark, a retired U.S. submarine officer and analyst with the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments. “If you are worried about the Russian sub threat and the air threat, then, yeah, the Type 26 makes sense.”



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Nov 17, 2017
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Lockheed contracts OSI for Canadian Type 26 integrated bridge design
April 18, 2019

Artist's rendering of the Canadian Surface Combatant design. Photo: RCN

The integrated bridge and navigation system (IBNS) for the Royal Canadian Navy’s Type 26 surface combatants will be designed and delivered by OSI Maritime Systems.

OSI said the contract was awarded by Lockheed Martin Canada, who is working with Irving Shipbuilding to deliver a fleet of 15 warships under a contract from February 2019.

The CSC project, which is part of the National Shipbuilding Strategy, will replace both the Iroquois-class destroyers and the Halifax-class multi-role patrol frigates with a single class of ship capable of meeting multiple threats on both the open ocean and the highly complex coastal environment.
OSI’s IBNS is also known as an integrated navigation and tactical system. Centered around the company’s ECPINS, the system integrates selected radars and navigation sensors, providing a comprehensive military IBNS.

In addition to the new CSC contract, OSI has built six systems for the RCN’s Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships program, as well as recently being awarded a contract to provide IBNSs to the RCN’s new Joint Support Ships program.

Lockheed contracts OSI for Canadian Type 26 integrated bridge design

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