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Captured: Alarming moment RAF planes scrambled to intercept 10 Russian planes


Dec 5, 2014
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THIS is the alarming moment RAF jets were scrambled to intercept 10 Russian military planes.
By Jake Burman
PUBLISHED: 15:29, Fri, Jul 31, 2015 | UPDATED: 16:00, Fri, Jul 31, 2015


The Typhoon jets were scrambled as the Russia spy planes flew close to Estonian airspace
The mission, which lasted less than two hours, was given the green light after Moscow deployed four of the world's fastest supersonic fighter jets in Baltic airspace.

The jets, along with six other Russian warplanes, flew along the skirts of the air space over 90-minutes and prompted the RAF to deploy Typhoon jets from the Amari air bas in Estonia.


The supersonic Russian planes were yet another display of military aggression
Analysts say Vladimir Putin has deliberately increased sabre-rattling sorties into the West’s airspace in a bid to deflect Russian attention from the serious economic crisis at home.

RAF Typhoons are currently protecting the Baltic skies against Russian aggression. The latest breach of international agreements is likely to increase tensions between NATO and forces in Moscow.

The British Typhoons were scrambled on Friday after NATO radar picked up the jets.

RAF pilots have been despatched from the Estonian base more times this year so far than in the whole of 2014.

Since May this year, the jets have been scrambled a worrying 18 times, compared with 13 in the whole of last year - and Friday's mission was the biggest yet in one day.


A number of sightings of Russian jets in UK airspace is raising tensions between Britain and Russia


The 10 British jets monitored the Russian planes until they left the airspace
Britain's Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said the mission "demonstrated our commitment to NATO’s collective defence".

He said: "‘Air interceptions such as this highlight the vital importance of the UK’s contribution to the Baltic Air Policing mission and demonstrate our collective resolve to protect NATO airspace alongside our allies."

The aircraft, from 6 Squadron, identified four Sukhoi Su-34 fighters, four MiG-31 Foxhound fighters and two Curl transport aircraft.

The Foxhound is capable of firing long-range missiles up to 100 miles and is regarded as one of the most formidable fighters.

A defence source said the Russians looked to be training in the airspace.

The jets were monitored and escorted away.

British Typhoon jets were also scrambled to intercept a Russian spy plane flying close to Estonian airspace in May, while the former Soviets have been caught in UK airspace a number of times this year.

Former First Sea Lord Alan West said that Putin's frequent displays of military aggression in British airspace could end in disaster.

Lord Alan said the increased activity could cause a crash with a holiday plane and kill hundreds of innocent people.

Russian aircraft often switch off their transponders meaning they are undetectable by air traffic controllers.

This means commercial airline pilots would be completely unaware if they were on a crash course with the bombers.

It's time for the West to show we are serious," the government security adviser wrote in The Sun. "We need to strengthen our defence capability to show how serious we are.

"It may be just a few planes now – but if we don't show our strength in response, we could end up at war."

Moment RAF planes were scrambled to intercept ten Russian jets in Estonia air space | UK | News | Daily Express


Nov 28, 2014
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Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
What the hell is the Russians are looking for near Estonia airspace ?
Warming the situations more than it is will bring the damage to the entire world.