China (and BRICS) Rising

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Jun 15, 2015
Guys, please pardon my ignorance on the following issues, but I have concerns that do not match my research skills. I have concerns about the China led AIIB bank. I am an American living in Taiwan. I will marry a Taiwanese woman and have roots here for the rest of my life. I have MASSIVE concern about the rise of China and what it will inevitably mean for me and my family here in Taiwan. I'm just busy trying to make a living, and don't have the time to research these issues as much as I would like.

The China led AIIB attracted the membership of a lot of US allies, against the wishes of the US. Does anyone have any knowledge, information, or comments about what the AIIB, and it's members, represents now, and in the future. Is it a threat to the IMF and World Bank? Any comments or info on this topic will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!