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Egyptian Air Force becomes the first export customer of Talios next generation targeting pod


Apr 12, 2015
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Air Recognition
learned during the Paris Air Show 2015 currently held in Le Bourget that the Egyptian Air Force is the first export customer for Thales' new generation target pod: The Talios. Egypt signed a contract with France for 24 Rafale back in Februaryl this year. This information was shown on sign on display next to a Talios scale model on the Thales stand: "Procured by French Air Force and Navy, Egyptian Air Force".


Thales' Talios next generation targeting pod fitted on Dassault Rafale multirole fighter aircraft at Paris Air Show 2015

Designed entirely around operational feedback from users, Talios is the latest addition to the Thales family. Talios is the first optronic pod to cover the entire critical decision chain from intelligence gathering to weapon delivery.

Capabilities range from deep strike with long-range missiles and bombs to air-to-air target identification and close air support, and include the rapidly emerging requirement of Non-Traditional Information, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (NTISR).

Perfectly adapted for air-to-ground missions, Thales' Talios pod is compatible with laser guided weapons, INS/GPS guided missiles and imagery-guided weapons. It can performs attacks in autonomous or cooperative mode, using integrated laser spot tracker and laser marker. Talos has also target recognition capability and is able to perform positive identification in complex environment and 3D localization. It is fitted with real-time data-link transmission.


Talios is fitted with the latest generation of high-resolution sensors and high-precision line-of-sight stabilization. Its wide-angle vision provides critical contextual information and makes the pod a key component of the pilot’s visual environment throughout the mission.

All functions will be standard for both French and international customers. With its open architecture, the Talios pod is conceived as a ‘plug & fight’ system for integration on all existing and future fighters.

Thales' Talios next generation targeting pod is currently under developement, first test phases will start by year-end.

Egyptian Air Force becomes the first export customer for Talios next generation targeting pod