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Estonia buys extra CV90s from Norway


Dec 5, 2014
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Estonia buys extra CV90s from Norway
Nicholas de Larrinaga, London - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly
11 January 2016

Estonia has purchased 35 CV90 hulls from Norway Source: IHS/Patrick Allen
Key Points
  • Estonia has bought 35 CV90 vehicle hulls from Norway
  • The supplementary vehicles are in addition to the 44 CV90s purchased from the Netherlands in 2014
Estonia has bought additional CV90 armoured fighting vehicles (AFV) for its armed forces, signing a contract for 35 more CV90 hulls from Norway on 8 January.

The additional units will complement the 44 CV9035NL infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) that Estonia purchased from the Netherlands in December 2014.

The contract was signed on 8 January during a visit to Norway by Jonatan Vseviov, the undersecretary for defence planning at the Estonian Ministry of Defence (MoD). The total cost of the purchase was EUR600,000, an MoD spokesperson told IHS Jane's on 11 January.

Estonia has only purchased the hulls of the CV90s from Norway, as the CV9030N variant of the Norwegian IFV uses a different (30 mm) cannon from the 35 mm cannon of the Dutch CV90 IFVs that Estonia already purchased. Instead, Estonia is planning to convert these additional Norwegian CV90 hulls into combat support (CS) and combat service support (CSS) vehicle variants. They will complement the CV9035 IFVs within the Scout battalion of the Estonian 1st Infantry Brigade, the country's only full-readiness professional military unit.

The MoD is understood to be planning for this conversion work to be made in Estonia.
Estonia buys extra CV90s from Norway | IHS Jane's 360