First Algerian MEKO A-200 frigate undocked


Dec 5, 2014
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The first of two new MEKO A-200 frigates for the Algerian Naval Forces being undocked in a ceremony in Kiel, Germany, on 5 December. Source: Michael Nitz - Naval Press Service

Key Points
  • The first of two new MEKO A-200 frigates for the Algerian Naval Forces has been floated out
  • A contract was signed in March 2012 for the delivery of two vessels
The first of two new MEKO A-200 frigates for the Algerian Naval Forces has been undocked from the ADM Kiel GmbH shipyard.

A EUR2.17 billion (USD2.7 billion) contract for the delivery of two MEKO A-200 frigates, plus an option for two more, was signed by ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) and the Algerian government in March 2012. The deal is also reported to include six AgustaWestland Super Lynx 300 (Mk 140) helicopters, plus a support and training package, although neither TKMS nor the Algerian or German governments have provided official confirmation on any aspects of the sales agreement.

The frigate is seen here in dock, prior to the ceremony. (Michael Nitz - Naval Press Service)
As TKMS no longer owns its own surface ship construction facility, the build of the two MEKO A-200 frigates - based on the design of the Valour-class frigates in service with the South African Navy - has been subcontracted to ADM Kiel. The first-of-class was undocked from the assembly hall on 5 December.

A model displayed by Privinvest - owner of the ADM Kiel yard - at the Euronaval 2014 exhibition in Paris in late October has given the clearest indication to date of the weapon/sensor fit for the Algerian variant. This includes a single Oto Melara 127/64 LW medium-calibre gun, provision for up to 32 vertically launched Denel Dynamics Umkhonto-IR point defence missiles, space for up to 16 Saab/Diehl BGT RBS 15 Mk 3 anti-ship missiles, two MSI-Defence 30 mm single guns, four Rheinmetall MASS soft-kill decoy launchers, a Saab Sea Giraffe AMB G-band 3-D surveillance radar, and two Saab CEROS 200 radar/electro-optical trackers.

Flight testing of the first of the six Super Lynx helicopters began at AgustaWestland's Yeovil site earlier this year. It is reported that these aircraft will be armed with Denel Mokopa missiles and Eurotorp MU90 Impact lightweight torpedoes; in addition, three will be fitted with the Thales Compact FLASH lightweight active dipping sonar.

First Algerian MEKO A-200 frigate undocked - IHS Jane's 360