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German Army considers wheeled rapid response brigade


Dec 5, 2014
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German Army considers wheeled rapid response brigade
Sebastian Schulte, Bonn - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly
10 September 2015

Germany is considering creating a brigade-sized response force, which would be armed with a new version of the Boxer 8x8 armed with the 30 mm turret from the Puma tracked IFV. Source: IHS/Patrick Allen

The German Army is considering the option of creating a wheeled response element for rapid reaction and force deployment, sources told IHS Jane's .

Given the extent of projected combat and organic support elements, IHS Jane's understands that the rapid response formation would very likely be up to brigade-sized. The new formation would be expected to deploy in both symmetric and asymmetric threat environments and be able to hold its own against tracked and armoured vehicles. The new formation would constitute a German contribution to NATO's Framework Nations Concept, where smaller armies can plug their capabilities into an organisational backbone provided by a larger, framework nation.

"What we are talking about are first conceptual considerations," a source close to the concept phase told IHS Jane's . "The idea is to be able to fully deploy this force anywhere in mainland Europe in up to 48 hours, making full use of the existing rail and road infrastructure. Also, this is not a rehash of the old tracks vs wheels battle. A brigade sized wheeled rapid response element could be a door opener for heavy forces."

Given the reality of limited personnel available, the new formation would most likely be carved out of existing army structures, with attached unit rotation not being out of the question.

While it's too early for fixed numbers, based on current estimations there could be a requirement for about 100 vehicles. IHS Jane's understands that the main vehicle platform for the new formation could be based on the so-called 'PuBo', a Boxer Multirole Armoured Vehicle 8x8 chassis featuring an adapted 30 mm cannon-armed turret of the Puma tracked infantry fighting vehicle currently in development by German industry. For operations against hardened and armoured targets, the PuBo could be armed with the multi-purpose, light guided missile system, the Bundeswehr's variant of the Rafael Spike-LR fire-and-forget anti-tank guided missile.
German Army considers wheeled rapid response brigade - IHS Jane's 360