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German police receive special operations vehicle


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Nov 17, 2017
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German police receive special operations vehicle
Police in the German state of Saxony have received the first of two special operations vehicles.
By Richard Tomkins | Dec. 15, 2017


The first of two Rheinmetall Survivor R vehicles for police special operations have been delivered to police in Saxony, Germany. Photo courtesy of Rheinmetall

-- The first of two heavily protected vehicles for special police units were delivered to Germany's Saxony police on Friday by Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles.

The second vehicle, also developed in cooperation with Achleitner, is to be delivered by Christmas, the company said.

"The Survivor R is a compelling symbol of Rheinmetall's extraordinary expertise in the worlds of security and mobility," Rheinmetall said in a press release. "Vehicles of this type are especially important in high-risk situations when police special operators have to be safely transported to the area of operations or for evacuating persons from the danger zone."

The Survivor R transports feature a special signal system, an integrated, remotely-controlled observation turret with optronics and effectors, a high-performance loudspeaker and a hydraulically-operated rear ramp for rapid entry and exit.

The vehicles also make use of serially-produced, standard commercial and military components, assuring a reasonable price and efficient maintenance and repairs.

Rheinmetall says the Berlin police have also ordered Survivor R transports.

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