Going Through Rebel Held Areas: A Personal Experience

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Jan 5, 2015
A few years ago, I was a volunteer for a charity organization. We went deeper into the Panay Island and teach the local children how to draw and be better artists. The problem was that the are is a known National People's Army region (NPA), and we were warned not to wear military fatigues or similar designed clothes. No one wants to trigger false alarms.

We arrived there an we continued to teach. Nothing happened so far. Then, one of the children drew a peculiar artwork. It was a rifle, but with different colors drawn on it. I think it was an M16. His father or part of his family, might have been part of the rebels.

It was unnerving to be on such grounds. Nothing happened in the end, but that was the first time I tread on rebel grounds. Has anyone underwent a similar experience as well?