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How did it all start in Yemen?


Dec 5, 2014
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Yemen ceasefire expected tonight, but how did it all start?

Resistance forces backed by a Saudi-led Arab coalition fight to liberate Yemen from Al Houthis


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Soldiers loyal to Yemen's government aim their rifles during a training exercise in the country's southwestern city of Taiz December 13, 2015.

Published: 12:37 December 14, 2015

Key dates in Yemen since Iran-backed Al Houthi militants overran the capital Sana’a.

September 21, 2014: Al Houthi militants seize government headquarters, state radio and military sites in Sana’a, several months after an advance from their northern stronghold of Saada.

February 21, 2014: President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi escapes house arrest and flees south to second city Aden. Al Houthis advance on the south.

March 26, 2015: Saudi Arabia begins Operation Decisive Storm with air strikes on Al Houthis after forging a coalition of nine countries to defend Hadi. Iran opposes the intervention.

May 5: Al Houthis bombard the Saudi border town of Najran, killing several people in the first such attack since the coalition operation began. So far at least 80 people, mostly soldiers and border guards, have been killed in Saudi Arabia because of the Yemen conflict.

June 17: More than 30 people killed in bombings claimed by Daesh at Shiite mosques and offices in Sana’a. The attacks come almost three months after Daesh killed 142 people in bombings at Shiite mosques in the capital.

July 17: Yemen’s exiled Prime Minister Khaled Bahah announces the liberation of Aden province after more than four months of fighting.

July 22: Pro-government forces backed by Saudi air strikes strengthen their hold on Aden, allowing growing amounts of humanitarian aid to be shipped in.

August 15: Loyalist forces retake a fifth southern province, extending their gains against Al Houthis who still control the capital.

September 4: An arms depot blast the rebels say was a rocket attack kills 52 soldiers from the United Arab Emirates, 10 Saudi troops and five from Bahrain. Thousands of heavily equipped Gulf Arab soldiers are sent to Yemen.

September 13: Forces loyal to Hadi, backed by the coalition, begin a major ground offensive in Marib province east of the capital.

September 28: At least 131 civilians killed in an air strike at a wedding near the Red Sea city of Mokha. The coalition denies involvement.

October 6: Bahah survives an attack in Aden claimed by Daesh but officially blamed on Al Houthis.

November 17: President Hadi returns from exile in Saudi Arabia to Aden.

December 6: A car bombing claimed by Daesh kills Aden’s recently appointed governor.

December 8: The government says the country’s warring sides are preparing to observe a week-long truce to coincide with UN-mediated peace talks to start on December 15 in Switzerland.
Yemen ceasefire expected tonight, but how did it all start? |


Nov 27, 2014
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Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
Houthis are continuously violating ceasefire and should not be taken seriously. Just bomb the shit out of these rats.