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How to win the Afghanistan war.


Aug 1, 2018
All you do is make my Iraq war full proof id cards "scan their eye" and set up traps with 100 drones.

Simple make everyone in bad areas an id card then put drones over patrols heads.

Ok u limit patrols and have 1 drone from 100 2 fly over a group or troops heads for 2 hours. 100 drones let's you have air support for 2,500 troops a day and 18,000 a week or 900,000 traps a year.

We know what they attack, so we put a drone over 1,000s of them patrols heads. Once they attack drone is over head and drops bombs bang...20+ dead fighters each ambush or attach.

If you only kill 100 terrorist a week from 18,000 traps, they are wiped out after 5 years. The war will be won within 3 years because they know they are being wiped out and will be forced 2 stop attacking.

Most terrorist come from other country's. Once full proof eye scanning id cards are made, they won't be able 2 move in 2 the areas. A wipe out has started and the pop size will shrink....War won.

Full proof id cards and 100 drones that they have can win the war with that strategy.

If they plant IED bombs on patrols paths, you limit the roads they take then put a drone over the road 24/7. Only drive down a road that drones can fly up and back within 1 hours "because" it takes 1 hour 2 plant an ied bomb......Trap plant a ied bomb and you die.

We are really talking about killing hundreds of them each week. War would be won within 1 year.

Why don't they use me or do this strategy? Because they need war and have a huge weapon that could kill me or Putin or anyone if they have something.....Not willing 2 say what it is, 2 top secret and honoured 2 know it and still be alive.

Anything they attack, will see a drone overhead for instant air support.

Yes the most powerful people in this world are the CIA....U guy's have know idea. The most dangerous guy in the world in me.....Endless war winning strategy and them without something, i would win any war. Let's just say if they kill putin or do something 2 him, people will know and 1,000s of others will take over risking nuclear world war.


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