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Iraqi citizen from Samarra tells about life under shia militia rule


Sep 25, 2019
United Kingdom
Its a 2hr long video, can you provide a summary with the key points?
Sure, I apologise though because I will not be able to give a full summary because I'm going to be writing from memory and I can't remember everything he said.

1. The guy being interviewed is a sunni citizen from Samarra (a sunni majority town in Iraq). He talks about several things including iraq war, ISIS, shia militias & he also talked about nouri al maliki briefly.

2. He said bad things about ISIS, he said some of their foreign fighters who came were not even circumcised. He claimed some of them were not Muslim. They found this out when some of the women married these fighters, the women didn't immediately realise it because they had never seen a male private part but eventually it became known. This led to a bad situation because some of the women already got pregnant . ISIS would come into an area claiming to be good and peaceful but they would slowly assassinate/kill people in Samarra who they were not happy with. He said on the whole, the people of Samarra did not support ISIS, only a few people unfortunately joined them.

3. He said the shia militas act like a maffia and they regularly abuse the sunni citizens. The abuse includes violence, murder, kidnapping & rape. He said he travelled outside Samarra and on the way back they have to go through a checkpoint, the police found some medicine on him & they framed him as drug user. He was kept prisoner & beaten. He had to pay a ransom for release. The policeman who at the end released him resorted to abusing sunnis in front of him & said we sunnis are awful people. The guy had no choice but to tell the policemen that he said nothing wrong because otherwise he knew things would get much worse for him. Now in regards to kidnapping for ransom, sometimes the shia militias kidnap a person and once the family pays the ransom, they give a dead corpse back.

He said the shia militas are so powerful that even normal police officers are afraid of them. Once a police officer stopped a shia militia guy for some reason and the militiaman killed the police officer & 6 others. A shia clergyman spoke up against corruption somewhere in Iraq and the shia militias threatened to kill him & so made him shut up. Of course this isn't all one shia militia doing the evil, the militias themselves are many.

He said institutions like the police, army & shia militias are very anti sunni. Some army barracks even have graffiti on the outside which attack the sahaba.

4. He said a person cannot follow the hanbali or maliki schools of thought in Samarra. Doing this openly would get people killed. You cannot do things like grow a beard or wear your trousers above your ankles because the shia militias will kill you this. Anyone who does this will be accused of being ISIS and so killed. He said this is because when ISIS came, they did things like grow the beard and so the shia militias associate these things with them even though growing a beard is normal from Islamic point of view.

5. He said there are shia being moved into areas where sunnis have fled. He mentioned an influx of Iranian shia moving in with their families. He said that although the arab nations provide a lot of aid for Iraq, very little of this makes it's way to sunni areas - he said something like 3% of the aid reaches sunni areas. He also talked about some sunni cities have totally been destroyed such as mosul. He said that the situation of young people in Samarra is difficult, many of them get things like tattoos saying things like "Ya Ali" which I imagine is for safety reasons.

6. He said that the person who represents sunnis in Iraq is viewed as some sort of traitor by sunnis. So this claim of sunnis being represented in Iraq is rubbish.