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May 21, 2015
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ISIS' Jihadi John 'will go back to Britain and carry on cutting heads off' | Daily Mail Online

Jihadi John - 'I will go back to Britain... and will carry on cutting heads off': In a chilling new video, man said to be hooded butcher vows to return... and murder all unbelievers
  • Mail on Sunday has obtained first footage of Jihadi John since January
  • Video understood to be filmed in south-east Syria about two months ago
  • Killer is heard to vow he will return to Britain with terror group's leader
  • Jihadi John has not been seen since he was named as Mohammed Emwazi

Swaggering in the desert and glowering menacingly at the camera, this is believed to be notorious Islamic State murderer Jihadi John – filmed unmasked in Syria for the first time.

In a one-minute 17-second video, the knife-wielding fanatic, who has taken part in the gruesome beheadings of at least seven hostages in Syria, including two Britons, vows to continue ‘cutting heads’.

He then promises a triumphant return to Britain with the terror group’s self-styled leader.

No sound accompanies the footage we have been given but we have been played an audio excerpt from the full video.

In it, the man thought to be Jihadi John is heard clearly saying, in a British accent: ‘I will carry on cutting heads.’

The film was secretly obtained by rebel fighters of the Free Syrian Army, who sent it to one of their colleagues, known as Abu Rashid, in the Bulgarian capital Sofia.

It was then shown in full to another FSA-linked activist in Istanbul who told us: ‘He looks at the camera and says, “I am Mohammed Emwazi. I will soon go back to Britain with the Khalifa” [the leader of Islamic State].’

The activist continues: ‘He said something more about cutting heads off, “We will kill the kuffar.” Then the camera shows two masked men that looked like bodyguards.’

The Mail on Sunday showed the clip to one of the UK’s leading experts on facial mapping, a former policeman who regularly acts as an expert witness in court cases.

After comparing the film to existing images of Emwazi, the expert – who we are not naming for security reasons – said: ‘I have noted a number of apparent similarities in both the morphological and the proportional comparisons and in my opinion the images lend support to the contention that they are the same person.’ This, he added, would be sufficient to result in ‘an arrest being made in most cases and may get a conviction in court’.

Abu Rashid, from the Syrian city of Aleppo, is believed to have received the grainy footage on his smart phone through the video messaging app called Viber. He later passed a copy of the video to Bulgarian counter-terrorist police.

After Emwazi’s true identity was revealed, various pictures of him emerged from his school days in the UK. In one, taken from a Westminster University student card, he is seen wearing a baseball cap.

Last month there was speculation that Emwazi had fled with IS to Libya. Other reports, however, suggested he was on the run inside Syria from his fellow fighters, who supposedly wanted him dead. The new video appears to contradict these reports.

Jihadi John is one of the world’s most wanted men with a £6 million bounty placed on his head by the US. He became the world’s most infamous jihadi after he beheaded American captive James Foley, 40, in the Syrian desert a year ago.


In hiding: Jihadi John has not been seen since he was exposed as 27-year-old Londoner Emwazi in February

It was the first in a series of bloody executions of several Western hostages over the next five months.

After Mr Foley, fellow American Steven Sotloff, 31, was beheaded and Briton David Haines, 44, from Perth, Scotland, became Jihadi John’s third victim. Mr Haines’s death was followed by that of Manchester taxi-driver Alan Henning, 47, whose execution provoked condemnation from the West and the Islamic world as he had travelled to Syria to do humanitarian work with a group of British Muslims.



Identified: A facial recognition expert tells The Mail on Sunday the face in the video shares key features with pictures Emwazi in Kuwait in 2009 and as Jihadi John in Syria

American aid worker Peter Kassig, 26, was Jihadi John’s fifth Western victim and, in January, Japanese hostages Haruna Yukawa, 42, and Mr Goto, 47, became his last two.

Jihadi John has also been seen in a video taking part in the beheadings of at least 17 Syrian soldiers.

British journalist John Cantlie, 45, is the last known Western hostage being held by IS. He featured in IS propaganda videos last year, when he was shown in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul and the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo.

He wrote an article in May in IS’s monthly magazine called Dabiq, warning how easy it was for the group to acquire nuclear weapons.

In November The Mail on Sunday revealed how official Government sources had confirmed that SAS soldiers had flown to a secret base in the Middle East to prepare for a potential mission to capture or kill Emwazi.

In the same month this newspaper also revealed that Emwazi had been injured in a US-led air strike, according to reports received by the Foreign Office. He was believed to have narrowly escaped death when he attended a summit of the group’s leaders in an Iraqi town close to the Syrian border. And in March we disclosed astonishing emails between Emwazi and a Mail on Sunday reporter in which he spoke of being aware that British security services were closing in on him and that he was a ‘dead man walking’.

His emails were sent before he left Britain to join Islamic State in Syria at a time when Emwazi was claiming to be an innocent victim of MI5 persecution. He warned: ‘I’ll take as many pills as I can so that I will sleep for ever.’

The Mail on Sunday has passed the video we obtained to the Metropolitan Police and security services for further investigation. Scotland Yard declined to comment.