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Jungle Survival: The Tribe Knows


Nov 29, 2015
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The jungles near the Subic military base in Zambales, Philippines used to be the training ground of the US military since the Vietnam war. The natives of the area known as "Aetas" taught some of the toughest commandos how to survive in the jungle with just a bowie knife. This fact is well documented and a lot of elder tribesmen recall the Vietnam war era as one of the busiest time in their life. Vietnam has similar jungle terrain as the Philippine jungles and it is possible in the heat of battle you get separated from your team and is lost in the jungle. You got your loaded M-16 you got food packs in the backpack but what if you lost your belongings? The only thing you got is your brain and the training you learned from the tribesmen of Zambales.

The tribesmen taught you how to find food sources- a snake hole or a monitor lizard lair. How to set a trap for wild birds what plants to eat what fruits are edible and the most important ability how to build fire manually.
a soldier fights for his country with everything on the line but in his mind he needs to go home and the first thing he must do is survive. You may have dodged enemy bullets, but the Jungle can claim you if you don't know what to do.