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Kornet-D Tigr-M GAZ-233116 4x4 armoured anti-tank missile carrier


Dec 5, 2014
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The Tigr Kornet-D is the latest version of anti-tank guided missile carrier vehicle which enters in service with the Russian armed forces. The vehicle was unveiled for the first time during the rehearsal for the Victory Day military parade in April 2015. The Kornet-D weapon station is mounted on a Tigr-M GAZ-233116 4x4 multi-role, all-terrain light armoured vehicle manufactured by the Russian Company Military Industrial Company (BMK). Some few years ago, BMK has also proposed Tigr vehicle fitted with Kornet-EM weapon station.

Technical Data

The Tigr Kornet-D is fitted with a remote weapon station Kornet-D armed with two blocks of four Kornet-EM missile launchers. The Kornet- D launcher station can fire the new upgraded missile 9M133M2 with has the capacity to be fire at a maximum range of 8,000 m using a new tandem shaped-charge warhead and the 3-9M133FM missile with a thermobaric warhead at a maximum range of 10,000 m. The Kornet-D weapon station with the Kornet-EM missile can destroy all modern and future tanks, various fortifications (pillboxes, bunkers) and low-velocity aerial targets (helicopters, assault aircrafts and UAVs) in day&night and all-weather conditions under enemy ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) and optical jamming at a maximum range up to 8-10 km. The Kornet-D weapon station is fitted with an autotracker sight that provides fire-and-forget capability increasing target tracking and ensuring high probability of hit. It is capable of launching a salvo of two missiles less than a second apart, either at a single target or at two different targets simultaneously. The vehicle is also fitted with two smoke grenade dischargers mounted on each side on front top side of the crew compartment.

Design and protection
The layout of the Tigr-M GAZ-233116 is standard with the engine at the front, the crew seats in the middle, and the troop’s compartment at the rear. The hull of Tigr-M GAZ-233116 provides protection against small-arms fire, shell fragments and IED blasts. The hull and door windows are bulletproof and the vehicle’s spall liners protect personnel against spalls if the hull is hit by bullets or fragments and exclude ricochet from the opposite side if the hull is pierced. To protect the engine from small-arms fire, the bonnet is armoured. The KORNET-D anti-tank weapon station is mounted on the top of the crew cabin.
The Tigr-M GAZ-233116 is motorized with the Russian-made YaMZ-5347-10 diesel engine compliant with Euro 4 environmental friendliness standard. The engine is turbo-charged and has the after cooling capability. It burns various types of fuel and produces an output of 215 hp. The vehicle can run at a maximum road speed from 125 to 140 km/h. The vehicle's off-road capability on soft ground has increased owing to a new design of the axles fitted with forced-locking bevel gear differentials. The efficiency of the braking system has been boosted through the use of sophisticated brakes and introduction of a pneumatically-actuated auxiliary exhaust retarder controlled from the driver's station. The Tigr-M can ford water up to 1.3 meters deep without any preparation.

The Tigr-M GAZ-233116 incorporates a central tire inflation system which can adapt tire pressure to suit a variety of surfaces. The TIGR carries an electric winch with a pulling force of 4,000 kg and 20 m of wire rope. The vehicle is also equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system for the engine compartment. In addition, the Tigr-M has cross-bar locks in all of its doors and improved gaskets, as well as the air conditioner, FVU-100A-24 filtering unit and enhanced-performance PZhD-16 prestart heater (16kW instead of 12kW previously).


Eight launchers for KORNET-EM missile

Country users
Designer Country
Autotracker sight
Protection against small arms firing and shell
7,800 kg
125 km/h
Friring Range (Missile)
150 m to 10 km
Length: 5.7 m; Width: 2.3 m; Height: ? m





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