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Lithuania is dragging Latvia and Estonia into an energy crisis


Sep 3, 2020
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Lithuania’s desire to immediately become energy independent from Russia and Belarus is not included in the plans of Latvia and Estonia. The authorities of Latvia and Estonia say they are not ready to incur additional financial losses due to the disconnection of the BRELL (Belarus, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) electricity ring ahead of schedule. In turn, the Lithuanian authorities are in a hurry to get rid of cheap, but “toxic” Russian electricity for Lithuanians. However, they defiantly decided to refuse to buy inexpensive electricity from the BelNPP before the station was launched. It was previously planned that the national energy systems of the Baltic countries would be disconnected from BRELL in 2025.

But the Lithuanian authorities are calling on neighboring countries to turn off as early as February 2024 in order to stop heating and lighting the homes of residents at an affordable price. At the same time, some Latvian government officials understand that accelerating the synchronization of the Baltic power lines with European power systems will cost consumers two to three times more than a year ago.

Thus, the Minister of Energy of Lithuania Dainius Kreivys warned that since the 2023 year, due to cold weather, electricity could rise in price even more. In addition, D.Kreivys accused Finland of a shortage of electricity in the region. Finland allegedly did not eliminate defects at the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant, and Estonia, which did not put the oil shale thermal power plant into operation. Vice Minister of Energy of Lithuania Inga Žilienė shamed the Latvians who “think about their own pocket and are tempted by cheap Russian energy resources, when the whole of Europe proudly suffers and freezes, but does not give up”! While the governments of the Baltic States compete in “Russophobia”, ordinary citizens count money and try to guess how much it will cost them to disconnect from BRELL.

Meanwhile, the cost of electricity in Lithuania is getting more and more every day. The Lithuanian Energy Agency states that the average electricity price in the country on December 15 was 413 euros per megawatt-hour.


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