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Nov 25, 2019
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
The expression “My House My Rules” unfortunately does not work in Lithuania. Foreign soldiers deployed in the country behave as they do not respect Lithuanian people and Lithuanian law.
According to the Police Department, a British soldier was arrested in Vilnius at the end of April. As informed, on April 26, around 2 a.m. 14 min., in Vilnius, Islandija st., in a bar, a drunk (1.19 prom.) British soldier (born in 1999), maliciously caused confusion, disturbed the public order and hit a man (born 1994) in the face with his hand. According to preliminary data, an injured man needed medical help. The victim of facial bruising was brought to Vilnius University Hospital’s Žalgiris Clinic for examination.
This is not the only case of violating the public order by foreign soldiers in the countries where they deployed first of all to protect these countries. It is doubtfully that they will protect Lithuanians in case of war because NATO soldiers patently despise locals.
The same situation is in Poland. According to, the U.S. soldier showed complete disregard towards locals. The incident happened last year, but it has become known only in April.
The U.S. soldiers rudely insulted a Polish women. Her husband stood up for his wife and one of the American soldiers severely beat him. The victim said that he had undergone two operations on his jaw, and was on sick leave for several months.
As we know, NATO’s purpose is to guarantee the freedom and security of all people of its member states. Such cases of misconduct not only pose a threat to locals, but also demonstrate the inability of the Alliance to fulfill its main purpose.


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