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Lithuanian "Smart Griffin" with American acсent


Sep 3, 2020
United Kingdom
Smart Griffin - 2020 exercise (Sumanus Grifonas 2020), organized by the Motorised Infantry Brigade "Žemaitija", have begun at the training ground in the Klaipeda region (Kairiai). The Ministry of Defence of Lithuania reports that it will last until October 2.

Smart Griffin 2020 is the first exercise in a new military training cycle that begins this fall.

Its purpose is to train the "Žemaitija" battalions in planning defensive actions in cooperation with other military units, as well as to ensure cooperation and coordination of actions at the interdepartmental level.

The exercise involves battalions and separate companies of the "Žemaitija" brigade, as well as some engineering, air-defence, military medicine units and the Volunteer National Defence Forces. Together with them, military divers of the Special Operations Forces and units of the Naval Forces will also train.
The brigade commander, Colonel Nerijus Stankevičius, noted that exercise is being held among the headquarters of brigade battalions to plan combat operations on the map.

"After receiving my operational order, brigade battalions and individual companies will analyze the situation - assess the environment, the enemy and his forces, plan their exact actions, prepare maps and other necessary documentation for the operation," he explained.

According to the colonel, a very important aspect is that when planning actions, battalion headquarters will need not only to integrate assigned units, coordinate actions with support forces, but also cooperate with other institutions, in particular with the State Border Guard Service (VSAT), a regional branch of the public security, local police and government. A tactical field exercise will take place later this year.

By the way, 180 Lithuanian soldiers from the Motorised Infantry Brigade "Žemaitija" took part in Northern Strike 20 exercise in July at the Camp Grayling Joint Maneuver Training Center and the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center, both located in northern Michigan and operated by the Michigan National Guard.

Northern Strike is a Joint National Training Center accredited exercise aimed to provide accessible, readiness-building opportunities for military units from all service branches to achieve and sustain proficiency in conducting mission command, air, sea, and ground maneuver integration, as well as synchronization of fires in a joint, multinational, decisive action environment.

Regardless of the statement of the Minister of Defence Raimundas Karoblis that the exercise is not related to the events in Russia and Belarus, obviously that Lithuania has been preparing its Armed Forces for any scenario, including offensive.
In fact, Lithuania keeps up politics of militarization of the state, increasing military capabilities, modernization of military infrastructure, strengthening cooperation with the U.S. Armed Forces.



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