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MSPO 2015: Poland's Rosomak range extended


Dec 5, 2014
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MSPO 2015: Poland's Rosomak range extended
Remigiusz Wilk, Kielce - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly
07 September 2015

The Rosomak direct support vehicle variant armed with a 120mm Cockerill XC-9 120HP turret at MSPO 2015. Source: Remigiusz Wilk

The Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) unveiled several new developments and variants of the Rosomak 8x8 family at the MSPO defence exhibition held in Kielce from 1-4 September.

These included the modernised Rosomak-M, the uprated Rosomak-XP, a Rosomak direct support vehicle armed with a 120 mm cannon, the first production-model Rosomak-WPT engineering support vehicle, and a new unmanned ZSSW-30 turret prototype.

The Rosomak-M is a modernised infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) with an upgraded Hitfist-30P turret that is capable of carrying a 200-300 kg onboard Rosomak Battlefield Management System (BMS). The air conditioning system is also improved and new anti-blast seats are installed.

The idea behind the Rosomak-M is to modernise the vehicle while retaining its amphibious capability despite the extra weight. This was achieved by using new German IBD nanometric steel armour and by expanding the Rosomak's width to enlarge the vehicle's displacement - overall this expanded the maximum swimming weight by 1,600 kg. To retain the same swimming speed, the extra tool box between the third and fourth wheel was removed and the propeller was redesigned.

The upgraded Hitfist-30P turret is equipped with two Spike-LR anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) launchers, while the ammunition storage system has been redesigned to store an extra 30 mm rounds for Mk 44 Mod 2 Bushmaster II cannon.


The Rosomak-M with upgraded Hitfist-30P turret and widened body and Rosomak-XP with expanded weight capability at MSPO 2015. (Remigiusz Wilk)

The second new Rosomak unveiled at MSPO was the Rosomak XP (Patria AMV XP) with a new suspension system to expand the maximum mass of the vehicle to 30 tonnes. Rosomak said that the XP also has a stretch potential to 32 tonnes with additional modifications (such as a new brake system). The Rosomak XP uses the extra weight to improve its protection to STANAG4569 Level 4 ballistic protection and Level 4a/b mine and IED protection. A more powerful 604-hp Scania DC 13 engine is also used. The new suspension system can be used in any Rosomak IFV or APC manufactured.

Rosomak also unveiled at MSPO the Rosomak direct support vehicle (DSV) concept fitted with a Cockerill Mechanical Industries (CMI) XC-8 120HP turret armed with a 120 mm L/47 gun. IHS Jane's understands that CMI is also working on a new turret and a new 120 mm gun, which it will also offer for the future Polish Gepard tracked DSV programme.

The Rosomak-WPT engineering vehicle at MSPO 2015. (Remigiusz Wilk)

PGZ also showed the first production model of Rosomak-WRT engineering reconnaissance vehicle at MSPO. Poland currently has 34 Rosomak-WRTs on order at a cost of PLN233.5 million (USD61.8 million). When it enters service the Rosomak-WRT will be the first Polish vehicle to be equipped with the remote-controlled weapon station - the ZSMU-1276A3 Kobuz, armed with a 7.62 mm UKM-2000C machine gun supplied by Zaklady Mechaniczne Tarnow (ZMT). Poland has also ordered 18 Rosomak-WPT engineering support vehicles.

Meanwhile, Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW) unveiled at MSPO its second prototype of the new Polish unmanned ZSSW-30 turret designed for Rosomak M2 IFV and future Polish tracked IFVs developed under Borsuk programme. This new prototype features the Polish PCO GOC-1 Nike electro-optic infrared (EO/IR) sights, rather than the Selex ES system used on the first prototype.


The Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW) unveiled at MSPO the second prototype of the new Polish unmanned ZSSW-30 turret for the Rosomak 8x8. (Remigiusz Wilk)

The ZSSW-30 is designed to fit within the same turret ring and fittings as the manned Hitfist-30P, so needs no modification to a Rosomak to install. Integration work with Rosomak and first qualification firings with the cannon have been conducted, company representatives told IHS Jane's , while the first Spike-LR ATGM test fire is scheduled on November. A low-rate initial production batch of five ZSSW-30 turrets is to be qualified in 2016, while the serial production is planned to start in 2017.

WZM Poznan also exhibited the prototype of a new powerpack for a next-generation armoured personnel carrier. The main element of it is a 715-hp MTU EURO3 engine coupled with 6-speed Allison transmission. The 1690-kg powerpack is 2.2 m long and 1.07 m wide.
MSPO 2015: Poland's Rosomak range extended - IHS Jane's 360