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MSPO 2015: ZMT unveils modernised UKM-2000P machine gun


Dec 5, 2014
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MSPO 2015: ZMT unveils modernised UKM-2000P machine gun
Remigiusz Wilk, Kielce - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly
04 September 2015

The modernised UKM-2000P general-purpose machine gun for the PAF. Source: Remigiusz Wilk
Zaklady Mechaniczne Tarnow (ZMT) unveiled at MSPO the modernised UKM-2000P 7.62x51 mm machine gun for the Polish Armed Forces (PAF).

The new version has been created for a PAF requirement to improve the performance and ergonomics of its existing UKM-2000P machine gun: the PAF's standard support weapon at squad level (three per platoon). The weapon is gradually replacing the Soviet PKM gun, chambered in the Russian 7.62x54R mm round, which was manufactured under licence in Poland until 2000. The UKM-2000P is chambered in the 7.62x51 mm NATO round and fed by a M13 disintegrating link belt in compliance with STANAG 2310. It can operate in temperatures of from -50°C to +55°C.

The latest modification features 26 alterations to the original PKM, and 69% of the weapon is made of new components. In total, 14% of its parts come from the unmodified UKM-2000, while 17% are still exchangeable with the PKM.

The modernised UKM-2000P is more reliable than the original UKM-2000P (test guns fire 37,000 and 53,000 rounds) and can fire all 7.62x51 mm rounds - both NATO and non-standard. It can be loaded by any type of link belt, including German DM60. The steel ammunition box was replaced by a 100- or 150-round soft bag. ZMT introduced a new folding and telescopic stock for both dismounted soldiers and paratroopers; an ergonomic handgrip; a front grip; and a carrying handle.

Poland placed a PLN24.76 million (USD6.53 million) contract for the delivery of 378 modernised UKM-2000Ps (30 in 2015, 138 in 2016, 106 in 2017, and 104 in 2018) back in June, although this only came into force on 28 August after the successful trials of two prototypes.

The development costs of the modernisation programme were PLN2.5 million.
MSPO 2015: ZMT unveils modernised UKM-2000P machine gun - IHS Jane's 360