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Myanmar Air Force F-7 Fighter jet crashed , Pilot dead

Feb 22, 2018
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A Myanmar Air Force single-seater F-7 Fighter jet crashed near Kyun Kone village in Taungoo Township, Bago Region, killing the pilot

In the video you can see flames of burning fighter jets .You can also see Injured fighter jet pilot
Chinese built F-7 aircraft crashed around 11 a.m due to technical failure . The aircraft was just a training jet. The pilot Major Arkar Win successfully ejected from the aircraft but suffered major injuries during landing .pilot died of his injuries on the way to a military hospital in nearby Taungoo town.
The Office of the Commander-in-Chief released a brief statement at 2 p.m. saying the downed jet’s pilot, , had ejected and deployed his emergency parachute, but succumbed to injuries sustained during the crash shortly after being transported to a military hospital in Taungoo . investigation of crash is started
Last year several other Aircraft crashed in Myanmar
In September 2017, a G-4 fighter jet crashed during a training exercise which resulted in death of both the pilot and co-pilot .