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Myanmar Navy ordered six Super Dvora Mk 3 FAC from Israel


Dec 5, 2014
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Myanmar Navy ordered six Super Dvora Mk 3 FAC from Israel By Dylan Vosman - Oct 4, 2015


Myanmar military chief Senior General Min Aung Hlaing ccompanied by Vice-President of IAI RAMATA Mr. Nitzan Shaked, they rode and examined FAC Super Dvora MK3, which is the same type of FAC Myanmar Navy has ordered.

These Super Dvora Mk 3 FAC will greatly enhance the Myanmar Navy capabilities.

The Super Dvora MKIII multi-mission patrol and attack boats are manufactured by the Ramta division of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). The first MKIII naval crafts were handed over to the Israel Navy in 2004, following a contract signed with the Israel Ministry of Defense in January 2002.

The latest water jet-powered fast patrol craft, the Super Dvora MKIII is a successor to the Dabur, Dvora, Shapirit, and Super Dvora Mark-1 and Mark-2 boats. The new boat was first trialled in the sea in 2008 by the Israeli Navy. The Super Dvora MKIII incorporates an aluminium hull, whose geometry enables stability in the sea at all speeds.

The operational capability of the boat is enhanced by incorporating a range of capabilities in a single platform. The modular design accepts a wide range of payloads for conducting patrol or combat missions and ensures the integration of modular systems for future requirements.

The high-sustained speeds and improved sea-keeping abilities allow stability in brown and blue water operations. The boat is capable of intercepting targets at speeds nearing 50kt. The vessel measures 27.4m in length and 5.7m in beam, and has a displacement of up to 72t. It can reach speeds exceeding 40kts.


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