new 155mm GPS-guided Excalibur artillery round tested

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Jan 16, 2015
Hong Kong
I am not exactly sure how this round works, it has a GPS in it, and I think it somehow guides the round onto the target. I don't know if the round can send back information to the gunners to adjust fire. Anyway it increases accuracy and range alot and it is now being tested in Afghanistan.

Soldiers fired the first 155mm GPS-guided Excalibur artillery round in Afghanistan Feb. 25. The Excalibur was fired using the M-777A2 155mm howitzer. The M-777 is designed to be a digitally programmed weapon and is about 9,800 pounds lighter than the more commonly used M-198 Howitzer and is reportedly more accurate. The fuze setting was performed by Enhanced Portable Inductive Artillery Fuse Setter, placed on the tip of the round, sending a digital message containing the coordinate for the round to find.

Excalibur GPS Artillery Projectile Debut in Afghanistan
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