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NUROL NMS 4x4 with ATGM and AA-launchers


Dec 5, 2017
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Todays lucky shot from highway in Turkey. On the way to airport. Desert cammo.
Probably 60 vehicles in total for a non disclosed customer in NE/ME

First vehicle with Aselsan Kornet antitank turret.

Second vehicle with Aselsan IGLA antiaircraft turret




NMS is a Lightweight vehicle with a much higher payload of 4t. Company literature states the vehicle gross weight is 10t. He also said that the ballistic and mine protection is to level three using composite armour to keep the overall vehicle weight down.

Naturally lower weight makes it more mobile, especially over rough terrain. Other mobility features include a 300hp engine, six speed automatic transmission, front and rear fully independent suspension, 4x4 continuous drive and a low centre of gravity that gives better road grip. It also has a dual circuit, disc on every wheel with ABS brakes. It can reach a top speed of 140km/h, has a range of 700km and a 6m turning circle.

One particular feature the spokesperson highlighted was the higher approach and departure angles of 54° and 62° when traversing obstacles, which he said was high for this type of vehicle.

NMS 4x4 is modular and any subsystems required by a customer can be fitted to the vehicle, such as CBRN systems, fire suppression, etc. It is available in three main configurations: scout, air defence (with 40mm AGL or air defence missiles fitted) and with an open rear section.

There is space for nine people including the crew. It is 4.9m-long and 2.4m-wide with a height of 2.1m not including a roof-mounted 7.62mm or .50 cal remote weapon station. The spokesperson said that the vehicle has 360° camera coverage and the ballistic glass protection can be increased to the same as the armour with the addition of laminate layers.