PAK Armoring showcases its new UQAAB multi-purpose armored vehicle at IDEAS 2014 | World Defense

PAK Armoring showcases its new UQAAB multi-purpose armored vehicle at IDEAS 2014


Dec 5, 2014
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At IDEAS 2014, which started today at Karachi Expo Center (Pakistan), Pakistani company PAK Armoring, specialized in designing and producing customized armored vehicles for multiple purposes, is officially introducing the UQAAB all purpose tactical armored vehicle, specially designed for military personnel and VIP transport.

The UQAAB is built on a heavy-duty chassis, equipped with a powerful engine and intelligent AWD system.

Full vehicle is protected with certified CEN B7/NIJ IV armor, which is corresponding to a 7.62 x 51 mm weapon shooting at 30 meters. Armor includes front, sides, rear, roof, and floor, and is designed to resist any incoming threats from any angles. Driver and passengers are completely protected against explosive threats. Add-on armor kit is also available to provide additional protection up to Stanag 4 level (resisting at 14.5x114AP/B32 weapon shooting at 200 meters).

The UQAAB can carry up to 8 soldiers with full equipment, plus driver and co-driver. All seats are equipped with 4-point seat hearnesses. The vehicle has doors at both sides and at the rear of the vehicle. The large ballistic windows provide optimal visibility of external environment. Seating system is designed to protect occupants from IED. Blast attenuation and mitigation technology used for designing the UQAAB minimizes the shockwave and downward forces. Different custom seating are available, according to specific mission requirements.

The UQAAB is also equipped with several armored enhancements, such as a blast mitigation floor mat, and offers many solutions for offensive actions. The vehicle is provided with a roof turret, which can be mounted with remote weapon station, standard .30 or .50 Cal machine guns, or customer specific weapon system. Seven spring loaded gun-ports are integrated at each seat in order to allow defensive actions.

PAK Armoring also ensured crew comfort, thanks to front and rear Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system, 12V electrical system upgradable to 24V, auxiliary fans, automatic fire engine suppression system and heavy duty 300 AMP alternator.

PAK Armoring showcases its new UQAAB multi-purpose armored vehicle at IDEAS 2014 | Defence blog