Pak-Saudi relationship is both strategic and excellent, says Khaled Almaeena

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Nov 28, 2014
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Pak-Saudi relationship is both strategic and excellent, says Khaled Almaeena
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From left: Mutahir Rizvi presents a plaque to chief guest Khaled Almaeena as members of the executive committee of PEG Hanif Sattar and Zafar Talpur, Pakistan Consul General Aftab Khokhar, Treasurer PEG Dr. Mohammed Zubair, and Secretary General PEG Azizullah Shariff look on. — Courtesy photo

JEDDAH — The Pakistan Executives Group (PEG) hosted a dinner reception Friday.

Saudi Gazette's Editor-at-large Khaled Almaeena was the guest speaker. The reception was also attended by Pakistan Consul General Aftab Khokar. Syed Mutahir Rizvi, president, and Kungiall Sharrif, secretary general of the PEG conducted the evening's proceedings.

Almaeena termed the Pak-Saudi relationship as both strategic and excellent which is deeply rooted not only due to religious bindings but also because of similar historical experience to forge progressive societies and the economy.

Both countries, currently, also share a common world view on how to address challenges confronting the Muslim world, in general, and the Middle East region, in particular. He stressed on the need to undertake serious internal societal reforms by giving more voices and stakes to the youth in the Muslim world.

At the same time, Muslim societies also need to develop better understanding of the root causes of disorder and extremism in the region. In his efforts to bring the two Islamic countries together, Almaeena is the first Saudi to be awarded “Sitara-e-Imtaiz” — the highest civilian award of Pakistan in 2008.

At the end of his speech, Almaeena was engaged in a lively question and answer session with the PEG members.

He fondly narrated his experiences as a student in Karachi, as a Saudi Airline official, and then as a journalist at various levels.

Khokar spoke about the need to expand Pak-Saudi trade and business relationship. He called upon the PEG members to continue their efforts for supporting Pakistani government's privatization program by encouraging Saudi business participation.

Rizvi thanked the guests and then as token of appreciation Khokar along with the PEG's executive committee presented a shield to Almaeena

Pak-Saudi relationship is both strategic and excellent, says Khaled Almaeena | Kingdom | Saudi Gazette