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Polish and German troops deployed to Estonia


Dec 5, 2014
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Polish and German troops deployed to Estonia
Jul 22, 2016

Boxer APC being prepared prior to the deployment. Image Credit: Bundeswehr/GebJgBtl 231

A mechanized company of the Polish 17th Mechanized Brigade, utilizing the Rosomak armoured vehicles, along with a German element of the 23rd Highland Infantry Brigade of the Bundeswehr, are involved together in an exercise in Estonia, organized within the scope of provision of support for the NATO Eastern Flank.

That reported by www.defence24.com.

The Polish unit has made its trip to Estonia between June and July, once its involvement in an exercise in Latvia came to an end. The Company of the 7th Battalion (7th Greater Poland Cavalry Riflemen Battalion), equipped with the Rosomak wheeled APCs, is the first unit which has been selected to maintain permanent rotational land forces presence in the Baltic republics, within the framework of providing support for the NATO Eastern Flank. Later in August, the unit is going to be involved in an exercise in Latvia.

A company of the German 231st Highland Infantry Battalion of the 23rd Highland Infantry Brigade has also been deployed to Estonia. The exercise, taking place in Estonia and involving two elements of the aforementioned battalion, is going to last until October. The equipment used by the Germans includes the Boxer and Fuchs wheeled armoured platforms. The Germans have deployed more than 50 vehicles of a variety of types to Estonia. Relocation was carried out via sea and railway routes.

Commander of the Estonian 1st Infantry Brigade stressed the fact that presence maintained by the Polish and German companies within the territory of Estonia, alongside the US units, should have a positive impact on the capabilities related to cooperation of the armed forces of the above listed states. Poland decided to take part in this type of training. At the same time, the territory of Poland remains a location within which reinforced presence of the NATO units is also seen and expected.