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Rethinking Agriculture & Food Ecosystems

Pakhtoon yum

Oct 28, 2019
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Pakistan agriculture is still stuck in 5 B.C
It needs few major things.

1. Land reforms to distribute land equally among the farmers.

2. Region cultivation organization. Each region should be told what crops to grow and what to alternate with, considering the quality of soil, water, light etc. This should be done by a federal/provincial agricultural institution.

3. Industrialization. Farmers should sell directly to companies and not to local markets. They should be allowed to only sell 10% of their output to farmer markets etc. Setting put large storage centers/distribution centers where food companies will buy from.

Under circumstances that output percentage should increase or decrease, taking lessons for this pandemic that's happening. When orders reduce for large companies the farmers will be free to sell their products directly to the markets, under licences from the gov.

3. Industrialization regarding irrigation and machinery. This includes strick laws on water usage and conservation.

Machinery includes encouraging farm equipment factories set up in pakistan that turn out their own locally made equipments. From tractors to shovels. This will be lessed to farmers or granted on loans which will be set up through NBP or a new agricultural bank should be set up.

These well yield major benefits for the economy and local people.