Royal Air Force of Oman - Eurofighter Typhoon


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Nov 17, 2017
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These Are The Latest Eurofighter Typhoon Jets For The Royal Air Force of Oman
Feb 07 2018
By David Cenciotti


Two new Eurofighter Typhoons on delivery to Oman.

On Feb. 05, two Eurofighter Typhoons for the RAFO (Royal Air Force of Oman) made a stopover in Malta Luqa airport on their way to Oman.

The aircraft, ZR406 and ZR407 are the ninth and tenth Omani aircraft, out of 12 aircraft (9 single-seaters and 3 two-seaters) ordered by the Gulf State in December 2012.

The Typhoons took off from Malta to continue their ferry flight as “Tarnish 01” to Adam Air Base, via RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, shortly after 09.00AM LT on Feb. 6.

Photographer Ruben Zammit took the photos of the latest Omani Typhoons that you can find in this post.


RAFO Typhoon 215 (NS006, ZR406) and 216 (NS007, ZR407) parked at Malta on Feb. 05, 2018. (Image credit: Ruben Zammit).