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Saab Grintek to begin deliveries of new LEDS 50 defensive aids suites


Dec 5, 2014
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Saab Grintek to begin deliveries of new LEDS 50 defensive aids suites
Helmoed-Römer Heitman, Pretoria - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly
20 July 2015

A CV90 fitted with the LEDS 50 defensive aids suite. Source: Saab Grintek Defence

Saab Grintek Defence (SGD) will begin deliveries of Land Electronic Defence Systems (LEDS) to export customers in October, the South African company has announced. The orders cover production of more than 170 LEDS 50 Mk 2 'intelligent, automated self-defence systems' in addition to spares.

Designed to protect against laser-guided weapons, the original LEDS 50 is known to be fitted on the CV90 infantry fighting vehicles in service with the armies of the Netherlands and Estonia, while Danish CV90s are fitted for, but not with the system.

The LEDS 50 Mk 2 is "quite a big jump" from the earlier system in terms of capability and the amount of space it takes up in the vehicle, according to Leon Ferreira, the head of the programme.

The system can detect when laser-guided weapons and laser rangefinders are aimed at a vehicle. In automatic mode it will respond immediately by giving the crew audio and/or visual warning of the nature and approximate bearing of the threat and launching multispectral screening smoke over the relevant 120° arc.

The typical configuration has four laser-warning sensors, each covering 110° in azimuth and from -20° to +60° in elevation, the latter being adjustable to suit the user's terrain-defined requirements.

The system tracks which launchers have been fired and automatically switches to the most appropriate remaining launchers after calculating the effects of vehicle speed, wind velocity, and relative heading (if integrated with a wind sensor). If necessary, the turret or overhead weapons station will be traversed to point the appropriate launchers in the direction of the threat.

It has been demonstrated with both Lacroix GALIX and Rheinmetall ROSY pyrotechnic systems to deploy the required smoke screen within 1.2 seconds. SGD says the wind-speed and -bearing calculations made by the system ensure the screen gives the targeted vehicle at least a 30-second break in the enemy's engagement cycle.

The LEDS 50 Mk 2 can also be integrated with a battle management system and networked with the systems carried by other vehicles so they can respond to threats directed at other vehicles.

SGD says it is making good progress developing a further enhanced version of the system that will provide the vehicle with a "threat interdiction and suppression" capability. This includes an acoustic sensor and is specifically intended to use GALIX self-defence rounds in addition to screening smoke. These rounds are designed to suppress threats such as individuals armed with rocket-propelled grenade launchers.

SGD is also working on the LEDS 150 'hard kill' system capable of firing projectiles to intercept incoming anti-armour projectiles. The system will include radars with a 300 m staring range and a new high-speed slewing launcher. SGD says it is in discussions with a potential partner to take the system forward.
Saab Grintek to begin deliveries of new LEDS 50 defensive aids suites - IHS Jane's 360