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Saudi Arabia’s Master Plan Against ISIS, Assad and Iran in Syria


Nov 29, 2014
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Palestinian Territory, Occupied
You can't deny that some anti-Western aspects in Muslim culture is deeply rooted and institutionalized. If anything, "moderate" Muslims need to take a stand to reform the very nature of their religion and cultures versus how they interact with the West in unfavorable ways.

I agree there is anti-US sentiment(not whole West) that reach its peak around early 2000's. Ever since Obama's terms, US has been disengaging from the region. Rightfully so, because it is a big responsibility which the locals have to take up. And it yields no results or benefits our interests in any way. So I agree with you, in the not so far back past, there was strong anti-US sentiment, but it has died down recently. It's much more localized nowadays, it has become a very fierce Iranian and Saudi led Sunni and Shia feud. I always warned my Middle Eastern brothers and all other people around the war that the ongoing status quo of past US intervention, local dictatorship, crackdowns, Arab spring shifting alliances is going to cause lots of problems and now its up to the people there to solve them.

And since the US is disengaging or not willing to act as Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey want it to(all in their own different ways), it has lead some elements in the Israeli, Saudi and Turkish government to suspect US is shifting towards Iran and it's upsetting them. So naturally, they will exonerate them selves from responsibility. I would say ignore that my friend, lol. It's common behavior to be in denial. I wouldn't attribute to their religion though, since Israeli's aren't Muslim either. Religion plays less of a role than some people may originally believe. The political rivalries are very fierce, however. This is because the Middle East needed to head in a different direction long ago, and it hasn't to be precise. So different actors are now trying to assume that responsibility and it's risky.