Saudi delegation discusses customs cooperation with Pakistan


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Nov 17, 2017
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Saudi delegation discusses customs cooperation with Pakistan
Updated 04 September 2019
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September 04, 2019


A five-member delegation from the Saudi Customs Authority visited the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in Islamabad on Tuesday. (FBR)

  • Pakistan seeks to control illicit flow of currency in an effective manner
  • The two sides emphasized exchange of information on real-time basis
ISLAMABAD: A five-member delegation of the Saudi Customs Authority visited the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in Islamabad on Tuesday to discuss the importance of customs cooperation between two countries, the FBR said in a statement released late yesterday.

The Saudi delegation was headed by Muhammad AlNuaim, Deputy Governor of Security Affairs while FBR Chairman Shabbar Raza Zaidi led the Pakistani side in the talks.

Both groups shared their experiences in the law enforcement domain and further explored avenues of future cooperation for the “exchange of information on a real-time basis,” in addition to discussing measures for the exchange of “intelligence-based information to effectively control illicit flow of currency.”

“Profiling of advance passenger information. Cooperation between Saudi Customs and Pakistani Customs in order to arrest the senders and recipients of drugs and [matters related] exchange of post seizure and arrest investigations [were also in the meeting],” the statement said.

It was mutually agreed that “no country can cope with these cross border challenges without ensuring international cooperation,” in addition to the fact that there was a dire need for both countries to support each other through international forums, customs cooperation and Mutual Assistance Agreements.

“AlNuaim said that the Saudi government gives great value to its brotherly relations with the government of Pakistan,” the statement said, adding that the Kingdom had recently introduced new monetary limits on currencies which so far are not well-known to visitors from Pakistan, urging for the launch of a public awareness campaign to share this information.

Pakistani representatives, for their part, informed the visiting delegation that limiting currency smuggling was one of the prime priorities of the current government.

“Declaration of currency has now been made mandatory and the FBR has taken various legal and administrative actions to improve interdictory regime against currency smuggling,” the statement said.