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Saudi King Salman unveils policy agenda


Dec 5, 2014
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Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz announced on Tuesday plans for his local, region and international agenda. (File photo: Reuters)

Staff writer, Al Arabiya News
Tuesday, 10 March 2015
King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia unveiled on Tuesday his domestic and foreign policy agenda, vowing to work towards “complete and balanced development” and defend Arab and Islamic causes.

“Our country is marching solidly toward growth,” said King Salman in his speech, adding that he “watchfully continues to work on the principles the kingdom was founded upon.”

The king, who was sworn in January, said: “We will work toward complete and balanced development in all of the kingdom.”

Achieving justice

The king said he would work to “achieve justice for all citizens with no difference between one citizen and another, one region or another.”

“I directed the interior ministry to stress that regional governors [should] listen to their citizens.”

The king said the government will “confront the reasons behind schisms in society,” and “will eradicate distinctions threatening the unity of the country.”

“Sons of the country are all equal in rights and duties,” he said.

He said both the security and economic councils should “support citizens,” adding that he would not “accept any complacency in offering citizens a decent life.”

Eradicating corruption

The king also vowed to eradicate corruption and hold those responsible accountable.

“Security is everybody’s responsibility, and we will never allow for tampering with our security.”

He described security as a great blessing, and said it is the reason for the prosperity and stability of nations.

The king also spoke about the Saudi economy when he said: “We strive to build a strong economy with diversified revenues, and work to limit the effect of lower oil prices on the development process” while highlighting that higher oil prices in recent months had a positive impact on the kingdom’s economy.

“Explorations of oil, gas and natural resources will continue,” he said.

Quick solutions

The king also pledged to “develop specialized healthcare services for all citizens wherever they are,” and highlighted “the necessary need to find housing solutions for Saudis.”

He said the government should “provide education that will offer results suitable to the development process and market needs.”

He said citizens were waiting for the business community to ramp the recruitment efforts.

Boosting security

Meanwhile, he vowed that to “boost security forces’ capabilities to defend the nation,” adding that Saudi Arabia is “committed with all of its agreements.”

Saudi Arabia will defend “Arab and Muslim causes by all means,” adding that he would work to sooth tensions in the Arab and Muslim worlds.

He added: “Saudi Arabia is part of this world and it lives its problems. The kingdom will be proactive in giving solutions to the pressing problems facing the world.”

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Nov 27, 2014
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Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
His speech was very very strong and aimed toward everything that country and the people need. That I called a shift in the internal and external policy of Saudi Arabia.

Thank you @BLACKEAGLE for sharing this.