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Secretary Kerry to Legislature: It's 'This Iran Nuclear-Deal' or War

Uncle Doc J

Jan 25, 2015
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Secretary of State John Kerry & President Obama seem to have hammered-out a deal with Iran's leaders that will delay their 'nuclear capability' another ten years. I say 'seem to' because the article about Kerry's presentation of the deal as 'an ultimatum' (This Deal? or War?) seems mum as to the specifics of the deal ('my best guess' comes from President Obama's appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart ... yeah, I'm a Boomerang Generation-er ^(0 '_' 0)^one who 'gets his news from Comedy News (like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart & SNL's "Weekend Update")).

The BBC delivered details of the deal (unlike American news-networks, which were distracted by our political-parties' infighting). They say that--though Iran will be allowed limited nuclear-research (only for non-war purposes)--they've set 'a ceiling' on how powerful their facilities can become.

It's very complicated, which is why I like Kerry's simplification of it. I trust that any allowance he & the administration gave Iran's nuclear-facilities was hard-fought and bought with sanction-lifting that will make our lives very-enjoyable (plus the FACT that Iran will most-likely use their facilities to power their civilians' cities). And--like Obama told Stewart--these early negotiations will make further moderation (in the future) far easier for the future's leaders.