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Serbia getting nine Chinese Wing Loong drones


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Nov 17, 2017
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Serbia getting nine Chinese Wing Loong drones
02 October 2012


Serbia is getting nine Wing Loong unmanned air vehicles from China, local media has reported.

The drones will be delivered within the next six months and there is a possibility of a follow-on order for 15 more.

Based on official marketing material released by CADI, the Pterodactyl can carry the BA-7 air-to-ground missile, YZ-212 laser-guided bomb, YZ-102A anti-personnel bomb and 50-kilogram LS-6 miniature guided bomb.

Since 2011, China has also sold the Wing Loong to several countries in Africa and the Middle East, including Nigeria, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates, at an estimated $1 million per unit.

In March 2017, the Egyptian Air Force launched a number of airstrikes in North Sinai’s cities of El Arish, Rafah, and Sheikh Zuweid, as part of the operations conducted by the Egyptian Armed Forces against militants. Most of the strikes, which targeted stationing points and moving vehicles, were carried out by Wing Loong UCAVs leaving 18 militants killed.

In April 2019 the military media of Yemeni movement Ansar Allah published video for downing Wing Loong UCAV acting for Saudi-led intervention over Saada district and in August 2019 Libyan GNA forces announced the shoot down of a Wing Loong drone.