South Korean Fighter KF-X | The First wind tunnel test is released... | World Defense

South Korean Fighter KF-X | The First wind tunnel test is released...

Dec 23, 2017
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Korea Aerospace Industries (State) (KAI) and South Korea Airlines The KARI launched the KF-X low-speed wind tunnel test launch event at the low-speed wind tunnel test room of Daejeon...

KF-X, KAIST, KAI and Lockheed Martin attended the event, including KF-X, KF-X, KF-X, KF-X, and KF-X. We made a resolution to carry out a successful test.
The KF-X wind tunnel test conducted by domestic and foreign specialist organizations is composed of three stages (1 ~ 16 ~ 17) for shape optimization, 2 ~ 17 ~ 18 for shape determination, 3 ('18 ~ '20) and detailed tests such as low speed / high speed wind, forced vibration, wind tunnel are performed for 13,000 hours.
We are planning to start the first stage wind tunnel test starting from the 'Low Speed ??Wind Tunnel Test' to be launched today, and finalize the shape of the mid-18 '
The 'low-speed wind tunnel test' measures the flight characteristics of the airframe, landing gear, and external armed shapes at low wind speeds of 70 m / s using the C135 precision 1/13 scale reduction model developed in the C103 It takes a total of two months.
"We have been developing domestic wind tunnel test technology since 1999 by participating in the development of domestic aircraft such as automobile and ship as well as Surion and KC-100 from Korea," said Kim Cheolwan, director of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute. "We will do our best to ensure that this test is completed in time for the successful development of the fighter."
After 13 years of review, KF-X system development project, which was launched at the end of last year, is proceeding smoothly through thorough business management as well as government-wide support such as securing appropriate budget.
After the 'System Development Initiative Meeting' in January, the technical requirements of KF-X were confirmed through the SRR (System Requirement Review) in March, and detailed design is underway based on this. System Functional Review (SFR) will be held.