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STX launches South Korea's sixth Incheon-class frigate


Dec 5, 2014
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STX launches South Korea's sixth Incheon-class frigate
Ridzwan Rahmat, Singapore - IHS Jane's Navy International
11 August 2015

South Korea's sixth Incheon-class frigate, Gwangju, during its launch ceremony on 11 August 2015. Source: Republic of Korea Navy

South Korea's STX Offshore and Shipbuilding has launched the country's sixth Incheon-class Future Frigate Experimental (FFX) guided-missile frigate, the Republic of Korea Navy (RoKN) announced on 11 August through its official social media channel.

The 114 m ship was launched on 11 August in Changwon, and has been named RoKS Gwangju with pennant number 817. Gwangju is the third Incheon-class ship built by STX, following Gangwon (FFG 815) and Chungbuk (FFG 816), launched in August and October 2014 respectively.

The first three ships-in-class - RoKS Incheon (FFG 811), RoKS Gyeonggi (FFG 812), and RoKS Jeonbuk (FFG 813) - were built by another South Korean shipbuilder, Hyundai Heavy Industries.

According to IHS Jane's Fighting Ships , the Incheon-class vessels are fitted with a 127 mm gun as the primary weapon, along with one six-barrelled Phalanx Block 1B close-in weapon system (CIWS) for defence against incoming threats.

For submarine prosecution, the platforms are equipped with hull-mounted and towed array sonar systems and with six (two triple) 324 mm torpedo tubes that can deploy the indigenously developed K745 Cheong Sangeo (Blue Shark) torpedoes.

Powered by a Combined Diesel or Gas (CODOG) propulsion arrangement, Incheon-class ships have a top speed of 30 kt and a standard range of 4,500 n miles at 13 kt. They can each accommodate 140 crew and the flight deck can also embark one AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat helicopter.

Gwangju is scheduled for delivery in early 2016, with entry into service expected later the same year.
STX launches South Korea's sixth Incheon-class frigate - IHS Jane's 360