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The Attack - Operation MaarKhoor (A short Story).


Jan 29, 2018
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United Arab Emirates
The Attack -Operation MaarKhoor (A short Story).


Pakistan intelligence agencies working hard to curb the nexus of evil forces planing and financing attacks in Pakistan, many intelligence reports indicate that neighboring country using proxies to attack Pakistan and this time again school and universities on their hit list. A big wig meeting going to happen with the financiers and the snakes.

ISI head quarters:

Major Riaz walking briskly approach Brigadier Naseem
Maj Riaz: Sir reports are confirmed.
Brig Naseem: Humm so the enemy wants to hit Pakistani future.
Maj Riaz: Sir we are ready just give me go ahead i will personally lead the team of SSG.
Brig Naseem: NO it will be against our foreign policy to attack and breach sovereign country but we must teach them a good lessen. Maj connect me to chief.

A brief secret conversation.

Brig Naseem: Maj we have the permission but we have to do it from our side.

Brig Naseem: Maj arrange a meeting with air chief and bring the exact location Info.
Maj Riaz: Sir air chief ? Sir i already pin pointed the area even our sources planted the chip which can guide us the GPS location.
Brig Naseem: Yes air chief and well done print the latest details and come with me to air chief.

Attack is being planned near the border areas of Pakistan 50 kilometers from international border and consulate of neighboring country.

Air chief: PAF is always prepared just let us know what we can do.
Brig Naseem: Sir We have to do this from our side location is marked with GPS identifier chip Maj handover the latest details to chief.

Brig Naseem: Sir we have permission to carry out attack from the chief, A big meeting between Top enemy planners and the terrorist going to happen for future attacks on schools and universities. But we have to carry out this stealthily remaining inside our air space, kindly let us know the available resources to carry out.

Air Chief: Smiled and said we have the resources don't worry Brig we will hit the snakes with pin point accuracy.
Air Chief: Called the squadron leader @Windjammer, briefed him and order the practice mock up attack.

Brig Naseem; Maj coordinate with Windjammer and keep updating us.
Maj Riaz: OK sir.

The Attack:
indjammer flying low in a mirage (rose upgraded) aircraft 11.30PM 1st Feb 2016 in a foggy weather just above the tree tops.

100km from the international border releases the Ra'ad cruise missile without any detection. Missile hit the target with pinpoint accuracy.
Radioed back operation Maarkhoor successful, hope all the snakes will be burn in a hell.
Maj Riaz: With a big smile call Brig Naseem Sir mubarak operation Maarkhoor completed with the success.

Breaking News: 2nd Feb 2016 early morning

Indian consulate near Pak-Afghan border hit by missile, many feared dead includin ex-NDS chief and many Taliban leader including master mind of charsada attack, many question still no answers world is shocked. A possible nuclear war ?


Uncle sam called the US chief with shaky voice.
US Chief Pakistani did it hit the Indian consulate with stealth cruise missile, all dead including Taliban and Indian planners and Sir the most important US asset ex-NDS chief is also dead.

Uncle Sam: Why the hell he is there whats going on in Indian consulate, did they are planning something ?
US Chief; cunning Indian with ex-NDS chief planing the attack inside Pakistan, what will be press statement. It is a big issue and embarrassment for us and as per reports they (Pakistan) hit the target from their airspace. They have the solid reasons to attack.

Uncle Sam: A possible nuclear war but we have to stop it since they were attacked red handily planing with the Taliban who took the responsibility of attack in Charsada . OK to make India little happy put sanctions on Pakistan stop the F-16 sale. Thats what we can do.

US state department press release

Today we witness most unfortunate incident, as per intelligence reports Pakistan Air Force carry out cruise missile attack in Afghanistan resulted in killing of Indian officials and ex-NDS chief along with Talibans who attend the meeting for peace talks. Pakistan Acted irresponsibly and US decided to impose military and economic sanctions on Pakistan. And we urge India to remain calm and start peace talks with Pakistan.

Pakistan press release:
We strongly condemn the attack on Indian consulate but the big question is why Taliban and Indian officials meeting at midnight ? Most of the killed have direct hand in charsada and other attacks in Pakistan. We call for international inquiry on this incident. US sanction on Pakistan totally biased we strongly protested that.

Indian Press release and action:
India recall ambassador from Pakistan and we strongly protested this attack, once proved which we have intelligence reports we will take appropriate measures.

One year later:

Today 21 March, 2017 P.M Nawaz Sharif attended cricket match in India, world surprised and praise Pakistani P.M visit for peace. Mr. Modi invites N.S on lunch and again call for strict action against the attackers. Diplomatic relations started again.
US lift the sanctions and deliver the much needed latest Cobras to use against Taliban and possible delivery of latest F-16 block 60 underway.

The End.