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The Enemy.


Jan 29, 2018
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United Arab Emirates

"He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare, And he who has one enemy will meet him everywhere." Hazrat Ali Abn e Abi Talib R.A

Muslims invade and conquer Hindu dominated sub continent and ruled 1000 years and at the end the fall and take a part of the Indian empire as their own country in 1947 Pakistan.

In 1947 British decided to leave the subcontinent and want to hand over control to Indian leaders but fail to make big Parties Hindus and Muslims satisfied on power handover. Hindu want pre-Muslim invasion Akhand Bharat but Muslims demand separate nation on the basis of two nation theory. Lord Mountbatten was sent to divide India after failing the negotiations British decided for the partition a new nation appears on the map of earth Pakistan which shatters the Akhand Bharat dream of Hindus and here starts the main story which based on historical truths.
When partition agenda announce since then extremist Hindu started a hidden war first they started riots in Muslim areas in Punjab and other parts to flood newly developed nation with huge migrants so that their tiny economy and meager resources crushed and state fails, then by force the rejoined Hindustan (Akhand Bharat) but that idea fails miserably under the great leader ship of Mohammad Ali Jinnah (Father of the Nation) they succeeded to coup with the huge problem even migrant community proves very helpful they took the best part in developing Pakistan. They tries hard to block the much needed funds transfer but after the intervention of Mr. Mohandas Gandhi the force to release the funds which eventually led to the killing of Mr. Gandhi by the ultra right wing Hindus (Nathuram Godse) todays RSS.

Akhand Bharat:
It is historical fact that Indian subcontinent never in history ruled by single power which could be called Akhand Bharat but after Muslim rulers Hindu starts dreaming to establish it but their dreams shattered in 1947. but they never loose hope and start smear hidden war against Pakistan to weaken it along with that they annexed many small states Kashmir, Hyderabad and Goa etc

Their campaign and Hidden war:
To achieve their dream they started multi dimensional war against Pakistan. Their big achievement is so far War of 1971.
War of 1971:

After famine in east Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and political turmoil in the country India sees a chance and strike first they started filling young brains of west Pakistan with hate by using Hindu teachers and professors as a proxy to create grounds for next attack then they hired Mujeeb to do their Job by not agreeing on any point with west Pakistan.

Along with their propaganda war they started to build anti state force name Mukti Bahini and by using them they started to slaughter nationalist and loyal Pakistanis in large number and east Pakistan left no choice but a military action against these Indian funded terrorism but situation become worse and India attack Pakistan with the help of terrorists. Pakistan resisted this terrorism but for the sake of people which are being slaughtered in large numbers by Mukti Bahini Pakistan surrendered. India achieved first major goal.
And now they already started a campaign to cut off Bangladesh with other Muslim nation specially Pakistan so that when Bangladesh weaken enough they can annexed it and merge it with Indian Bengal.

On the basis of their Bangladesh success Indian starts dreaming of cut Baluchistan from Pakistan and they start funding criminal nawabs but this time Pakistan managed to curb Indian funded terror. But they started it time to time with new hopes. To fulfill their Baluchistan dream now Indian using their consulates in Afghanistan to spread terror in Pakistan.
Same way like Baluchistan and Bangladesh they targeted Sindh province of Pakistan, they funded ultra right wing nationalist Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz and this time they selected Gm Syed as a proxy to creat grounds for the master plan but Pakistani establishment come to know this on early stages and foil their plan.

Economic Terrorism:

After failing in baluchistan and Sindh our arch enemy strikes on Pakistan economy
Karachi (MQM):
To fulfill their economic agenda this time they selected our biggest economic hub, the only port city and largest revenue generator Karachi and as a proxy the created and fund MQM (Altaf Hussain). With the help of their mole which is now operating from London the hit us very hard, thousands of people killed and effected, large economic loss but with help of army and rangers we still manage to control them and cleaning is under process but Indian agencies trying hard to destroy peace and development of this big city.

International Lobbies and fake sab-standard Pakistani products by our enemy:

Their terrorism not limited to Pakistan only they spread it against us on international level to harm Pakistani economy and reputation. First they target Pakistani product importers through their lobbies and flood market with fake sab-standard products to defame our companies and products, with no time the introduce Indian products. Few years back after seeing successful rice export from Pakistan our arch rival strikes with their sab-standard rice marked as Pakistani but after investigation pakistan successfully foiled it.

this is one example keeping it short i posted one.

Their terrorism even struck sports, Pakistan a big rival of India (Pakistan win more matches against India) and our bowlers are matchless. This time they hit Pakistani cricket by attacking Sri Lankan team in Pakistan to harm our cricket and cricketers, they succeeded in their heinous act and for a long time international cricket matched stopped In Pakistan which resulted big loss in PCB earning and eventually cricketers. Not only this but they also stopped playing with us in order to harm PCB and players earnings. They gain powerful position in ICC and often target our cricketers through paid proxies example is Saed Ajmal, hafeez and the trio which trapped by Indians.

Few other heinous acts of terrorism by our enemy:
Polio teams attacked:

To deprive Pakistani future much needed medical care and labelled Pakistan not polio free so that other countries refuse Pakistanis visa to deprive us from remittance and business.
Bomb Blasts In Hotels:
Many hotels and resorts targeted like Marriott, Malam Jaba, PC which are famous in foreigners and tourists reason is quite obvious.
Many bomb blasts in Past in Punjab:
terrorist arrested like Surbjeet Singh and others.
Waga Border Suicide Attack:

My Question:
After reading few facts by our neighbor do you people still think they ever change their attitude since they are against the existence of Pakistan.
my Suggestion:
Its time to act, Hit them back where the feel the PAIN THE MOST


Nov 21, 2017
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First of all ........ good to see you writing for the forum. Keep it up ..... and I hope you will come up with some more useful topics.

Now moving to the content of your article, let me take the liberty to say that ...... a genuine writer won't mind his critics and would be interested in all the opportunities, ideas ...... to strive for improvement. After all writing is to convey a message, to better the society, to create awareness, to educate people, to communicate ....... so while writing something the truth shouldn't get compromised and my personal bias shouldn't come in between the facts and reality.

My Question:
After reading few facts by our neighbor do you people still think they ever change their attitude since they are against the existence of Pakistan.

All what you have written and blamed on Hindu ......... except for the beginning years of Pakistan ........ I can say the rest was failure and incompetence of Pakistani state, its politicians, its military strategists and its civil society themselves .......

I cannot blame enemy for his success against me ...... that isn't prudent or wise ...... however, I can look for my own weaknesses and try overcoming those weaknesses.

As you assume and say that they are against the existence of Pakistan ...... fine ......... but how sincere Pakistanis themselves are for existence of Pakistan or how much Pakistanis themselves care and value Pakistan? Raising and chanting slogans is fine but its not something that benefits the nations and societies ......... what practical measures we have taken to improve and strengthen Pakistanis and Pakistan? Was Pakistan of 60s more better or is Pakistan of 2k18 more better?