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The PUMA Infantry Fighting Vehicle Reaches the Troops


Apr 12, 2015
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It seems that now the PUMA is being introduced after being delayed for not being certified to transport highly pregnant women. lol.

After extensive testing by the Bundeswehr’s Technical services, many months of testing in extreme heat and cold abroad, and several field trials by the military, another milestone has now been achieved in the project PUMA Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) with the authorization for use granted by the BAAINBw defence procurement agency.

Many conditions had to be met for this, some of which key are listed below. On the basis of tests and test results, technical optimizations were repeatedly developed, qualified and continuously introduced into series production vehicles.

Thereafter, the test report was finalized by the Central Military Motor Vehicles office, which issued the necessary approval and made it street-legal. Finally, the Army Inspector formally declared April 13 that the Puma was ready to enter service. This was on the same day that the BAAINBw granted the clearance for service.

Thus, operations are scheduled to begin next week with the training of instructors on the first seven armored vehicles. Others will follow in the coming months. This training period will continue until the end of the year at the training center in Munster.

There, an introduction organisation (EFO) was set up specifically for the PUMA, and will perform the initial training of mechanized infantry companies on IFV PUMA for three months, also at the Munster training center. The EFO will also accept delivery of the vehicles by the manufacturer, adds Bundeswehr-furnished equipment and hands them over to the trainee soldiers there. Thus, the Panzer Grenadiers will take "their" own PUMA after the three-month training cycle, in order to further familiarize themselves with "their" new vehicles on their bases.

The contracts necessary for the repair and technical and logistical support have been concluded between the army and the PSM GmbH, so the support of the PUMA by industry is thus ensured.

Sexy IFV though :cool: