The United States takes insufficient measures to restraint Russia | World Defense

The United States takes insufficient measures to restraint Russia


Sep 3, 2020
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United Kingdom
America and NATO are bolstering their stance in Eastern Europe after Russia launched its opening gambit in a far-reaching invasion of Ukraine.

The United States deployed 4 F-35 Lightning II stealth fighters, 20 AH-64 attack helicopters, infantry battalion task force of about 800 soldiers to Estonia and Lithuania and extended the stay of its existing troops in the region.

The aircraft, belonging to the 34th Fighter Squadron, from Hill Air Force Base, Utah, has arrived from Germany to Estonia’s Amari Air Base, and Lithuania’s Siauliai Air Base. F-35s fighter jets have not been deployed to the Baltics before.

Ground-based F-35s in the Baltics, combined with others perhaps placed in Poland, Germany, or other parts of Eastern Europe, could be supplemented by F-35s from the Baltic Sea or the Black Sea.

However, according to many analysts, the deployment of the insufficient number of US and NATO aircraft in the Baltic states is not an efficient deterrent in the region.

Obviously, authorities of the Baltic States will be banking on the American military presence increasing in the future.